View Full Version : Play roulette to win Frogger (Atari 2600)

18-08-12, 09:50
Trying something new instead of word search's and crossword puzzles.

Roulette to win games!

Would like to get at least 10 people to play (come on UKmike, Socal and Subarubrat join in on the fun!). The spin will take place Sunday 8/19 at 12pm, so check back then to see if you won :)


To win Frogger for the Atari 2600 - pick a number and color from 1 to 36 and post it. Each user picks a unique number, no duplicates, first user to pick a number gets that number assigned.

Attached is a picture of my Ipad with the roulette betting table shown for reference.

I will then record the results of the roulette wheel from my IPAD and post the video here and announce the winner in the video. the winner will then need to contact me via PM with their mailing address for me to send the cart to.

If no one wins, the contest starts over.

Good luck!

Sharin the Retro!!!!

19-08-12, 12:45
3 for me (cmon Total Recall Triple Tit lucky number make my day!)

19-08-12, 04:50
no paricipation other that leathco, so contest closed