View Full Version : GREAT article on the return of the arcade.

08-08-12, 01:23

I'll submit it to news too.

08-08-12, 11:46
I'm glad that arcades are coming back a bit (i think), but De La Soul playing? No thanks and hell no. I'm thinking these big city arcades are attracting goofy ass hipsters which is not good for the long term because they are a fairly phony and finicky people. They will move on pretty quickly. And with the overhead these buildings will have the local kids wont be enough to keep the doors open once the fad is over. These hipsters don't have a connection to these old games.

I could be wrong but I'm not. There needs to be a totally new way of doing things..(VR) and not to mention a flow of new games for new arcades to take hold.