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22-07-12, 07:45
Long time listener to the pod cast and a long time lurker in these forums.

I'm based in Northampton, UK and love all things retro, currently spending my weekends trawling through the local car boot sales looking for that elusive rare find of a VCS or Intellivision :)

Anyway I was just about to post a response elsewhere and thought "How rude, I haven't even introduced myself", so here I am.

Now I've made my first post I may actually pay more attention and manage to be online for one of the live news sessions :)

Look forward to talking to you.


22-07-12, 07:56
Good to have somebody else venture forth into the forums after lurking.

Be sure you make the next Live News, it's always fun.

22-07-12, 07:58
And you can hear all about; James on James, Yeahhhhhhhh

22-07-12, 08:47
The live news sessions are a sight to behold...although I doubt this month's will ever be topped.

Welcome, friend, sit down and grab a drink!