View Full Version : Did the CD theif strike again?

22-07-12, 04:26
This is NOT a joke or a put-on, here is the evidence;

In advance of CGE rather than lug a big heavy box of 2,000 promo cards for the show on the plane I mailed a box to Socal so he could bring them up in his truck since he drives to Vegas. I mailed the box on the 9th and this Saturday I got a letter from the post office saying that a portion of a wrapper had been found and the contents of the container are lost. They requested more information about the contents so that they could look for it in their lost mail center.

However, there was no "wrapper" it was one of the boxes that shipped from the printer (Via UPS) to my house. A nice strong box with fiber tape that had not been opened, I just put a new label over the original and sent it to Socal. They sent the label back to me and it is totally intact and had been razored off the box, even the back "skin" of the cardboard is still there.

So now our promo cards for CGE got swiped, does the CD Theif work for the post office? Luckily I have more to bring with me on the plane.

Check it;


One of the cards;


22-07-12, 04:30

22-07-12, 04:37
Blood shall flow like water in the streets if the CD Thief strikes back. I think Scott may very well go postal on him.

Seriously, that sucks to hear about the promo cards. If it's anything like my full color business cards they aren't cheap to print.

22-07-12, 04:50
I know it, these are like 4x5.5 two sided color.

22-07-12, 05:04
Goddamn that sucks! Human stupidity knows no boundaries.

On a lighter note, I wonder who will log in as Larcenist_Postman on the next live news.

22-07-12, 05:22
Wow, that really sucks, Scott! I would assume the razor job on the label was done by the post office before they sent it back to you, but who knows? Was there any insurance on the package?

22-07-12, 06:35
They may have cut it off, but how did part of a box get separated from the rest of the box? We will get the replacement cost, and this was part of a larger order so we have more, but the whole point of shipping them was defeated and more to the point we have little faith they will be found. And really, what is with our promo stuff always getting ganked in bulk?

22-07-12, 11:35
This time, it wasn't me. But I share in your anger, because now there won't be as many promotional items at your booth for me to steal!

22-07-12, 11:44
I've seen some weird shit happen to shipping boxes, so who knows? But based on my experiences with the US Postal service, I would not be at all surprised if one of the workers dropped it off a truck, or ran over it with some heavy machinery, and all that was left was some smashed cardboard - which they brought into their supervisor's office pretending to not know what happened.

23-07-12, 01:23
I agree with Nurmix, this sounds like someone screwing up and then covering up. Sucks tho, its more the inconvenience it causes than anything. Sorry to hear youur bad luck guys.

23-07-12, 11:28
Someone at the post office knows full well what happened to the box. I've razored off plenty of labels at my job (overnight flow at Target), and it certainly sounds like someone intentionally removed the label. Personally I'd make the post office do an investigation. I mean, there has to be cameras around the place that might have seen the incident.

24-07-12, 01:21
Great, my turn for the CD Thief to visit me. Been waiting on a copy of Demons Crest that accedentally got shipped to the wrong address. Well it shows it got delivered a few days ago, so I went to the old box to check. Damn, not there. Check the post office to see if it got returned. They cant tell me yes or no. Hoping it gets returned to sender, otherwise I'm out a good chunk of change and an awesome game. My fault too as I forgot to update my address. I'm really kicking myself.

Chuck D. Head
26-07-12, 06:46
Oh-fucking-kay, riddle me this? Where did the pic used as the avatar for Deaf CD Thief come from? The reason I ask is, it looks like someone I am aquainted with, who happens to be........wait for it..............................................de af.

26-07-12, 07:11
Daddy? Is that you?

My stunningly handsome mug shot came from an adoring fan at CGE 2010. I'm sure there are many more, as I am quite photogenic.

26-07-12, 08:24
Chuck, that is none other than the CD Thief himself. He was captured in a few pics of the crowd in the hallway and in the expo hall.

This one;


Chuck D. Head
26-07-12, 11:23
The name of the fellow in the pics is Conrad. I don't know much about him, other than he lives in or around Seattle and shows up at retro gaming and computer events throughout the region. I will try to get to know him better the next time I see him........

27-07-12, 12:36
Haha! Great. We have to find him.

27-07-12, 08:44
I sure hope old Conrad makes an appearance at CGE so we can confront the thieving prick!

Chuck D. Head
30-07-12, 04:54
OK, just so you know for planning purposes, here is how a conversation with him will go:

you - "hey dipshit, why did you steal the RGR cds?"

Conrad - "ehmhnhhn?" ~ hands you his blackberry to type in your question

Now his phone is in your hands; I think you can take it from there.

Chuck D. Head
10-08-12, 05:36
Seriously, if he does show up at CGE you guys; try to strike up a conversation before the show even begins. After a few failed quips, mime typing into a horizontally oriented blackberry keyboard. I bet anything he will hand you his phone. Run in the restroom and throw it in the dirtiest toilet you can find. While he is desperately trying to dry it off, you will be headed to the parking garage to remove the valve cores from all four tires of a black Golf with Washington plates. If you dont carry a valve core tool like I do, just grab a steak knife out your way out and puncture a tire or two.

Imagine driving all the way to Vegas, being unceremoniously ejected before even getting through the door, going out to drive all the way home and finding four flat tires on your car and having no way to call for service. That would be a start.