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18-07-12, 02:34
My wife was at a conference in Danvers, Mass last weekend, so I took the 3 year old a few miles down the road to Salem to go to an arcade in a sort of boardwalk-y park there. It was actually two arcades next to each other - one was called the "casino" and was 100% redemption, the other was a "real" arcade. Both were pretty cool. My 3 year old liked the redemption stuff better because there were more flashing lights, things to press and stomp on, and rides to climb on.

The "real" arcade had about a dozen classic arcade games, plus 8-10 pins. There were a lot of driving sims from the 90s onward as well, and overall a very nice arcade.

They were both cool. All games used quarters, not tokens or cards, which was great, and both had that classic arcade smell and atmosphere. Lots of fun.

I took a lot of pics, I'll update the thread when I get a chance.

18-07-12, 08:00
You were up in my neighborhood. I live over in Ipswich and work in Danvers.
Still haven't been to Salem Willows.

19-07-12, 08:21
The Boston Retro Gamers are going to meeting there on July 22nd.

20-07-12, 01:57
I'm in the group, but I unfortunately can't make it to the meeting. I have to work that night.