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11-07-12, 01:29
Ok, am I behind the times. Just started Playstation Home and it it pretty cool. I guess we can invite "friends" into our apartments or houses. Anyone in Home, we can hook up. What else can you do here. Do we all start out in the loft apartment overlooking the marina? Damn, this is pretty cool! I guess I also go by socalmike there as well if you can send friend requests ?? I have no idea what I am doing. lol.


11-07-12, 06:44
I played that for 10 mins when I first got my PS3 and never since. Its probably way better than it was back then I would guess.

13-07-12, 10:38
It's kinda fun. I spent an hour or so at the bowling alley. They have a couple arcades now with some free to play games. The arcade in the bowling alley and one at Indie Park.

It's fun just walking all over the place and checking stuff out. I still need to visit the casino and play some hold'em.

13-07-12, 10:58
I try it out every so often to see what's changed. At one point in it's early start they allowed people to chat on headsets, and I don't know if they put that back in. Used to hang out around the mall and join into conversations with other people in the topic was interesting.