View Full Version : Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Free Download

08-07-12, 12:37
Go grab this free download. I've not heard of this ZX Spectrum game but it looks pretty sweet! Ok, playing it now and it is sweet. Any of you play this on the Speccy?


21-08-12, 10:36
Yes i have ,i am a Speccy fan and a member of World Of Spectrum (Wos) so i am familiar with EFMB,the same guys also made Stamp Quest and Lost Tapes Of albion which are a similar format but real good,if I remember correctly Lost Tapes was the one that was released on the Speccy anniversary and is my fav title by Stonechat.The speccy has the biggest homebrew scene with over 100 games made in 2011! and i try to keep up with it when i can,i even had a go myself and made my own game this year (Pip the Pipistrelle) although it was using `Jswed` a Jet Set Willy editor.
At the start of each year you can vote at Wos for you your fav homebrew game of the previous year and Lost tapes is one i already plan to vote for in the best of 2012 poll next year so if you like EFMB i recomend it and you can get it from the Wos archive The Lost Tapes OF Albion (http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseek.cgi?regexp=^Lost+Tapes+of+Albion%2c+The$&pub=^Stonechat+Productions$&loadpics=1)
give it go it has funny interludes every so many screens.