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02-07-12, 08:35
Hi Guys,

I recently received for free an original Gameboy which is Black not grey, I didn't even know they did the original in black except for the pocket. Its not the best condition, missing battery cover, and bit of clouding to bottom of screen but not really an issue when turned on. It also came with Tetris and Mario Golf.

The dilemma I face is do I keep or sell it on. I am tempted to keep it but can play gb games via emulation on my DS with a backlit screen and no further outlay of cash. When if I sell it (I know I won;t get a lot for it) I can use the money towards either a PS2 (regret selling my old one but got a lot more for it than current ebay prices) or towards my other hobby slot cars.

What do you guys think?


02-07-12, 08:45
Keep it until you get a better example then sell it.

02-07-12, 09:32
Yeah thing is Mike I'm not really into collecting any more sold all my collection of about 30 plus machines when bought a house with the misses. Not all bad though as she has got me a PS3, 360 and psp while we been together.

02-07-12, 10:35
Leave it on the cistern with Tetris in and it will get used.

03-07-12, 11:41
Leave it on the cistern with Tetris in and it will get used.

If it's also in a sealed freezer/sandwich bag you can take it into the shower/bath too!

29-07-12, 05:24
My friend had one of these I think the original gameboy came in red and black in the "play it loud" series if I remember correctly. I think they may have had stereo sound or something.