View Full Version : Drunken M.U.L.E

24-06-12, 07:24
I'm still listening ha!

24-06-12, 10:59
... and drunk?

01-08-12, 08:50
I listened to the drunken mule episode for the 3rd time recently. So i literally, am still listening. But id like you all to know i do have a life and was working each and every time i listened. :D RGR is my AM radio.

01-08-12, 10:45
Anyone else think there should be a live rendition of this at Play Expo in the RGR lounge

28-12-13, 08:39
I think I've found a candidate for the next drunken game, although it may depend on how reliable the netplay is on Snes emulators these days. They are both on this video http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/giant-bomb-s-somewhat-longer-than-average-free-fri/2300-8329/

at 32 minutes there's Tetris Battle Gaiden, so that's Tetris to get UK MIke interested, but with bonkers magic that can, and does totally swing the game multiple times per round, and a shared queue of upcoming pieces to fight over
at 1 hour there's a variation on that, which is similar to vanilla tetris (they turn the magic off) but everytime you make a line, blocks loosen up their bonds with their neighbours and will fall down into holes, which in turn can form more lines, and causes big chains, so even if you're about to die, making one line can suddenly recover an entire screen full of mess

for something a bit different they play another game around 1:15 that is some sort of Hello Kitty Pong/air hockey, which looks like it could cause some really interesting matches, especially on some of the stranger arenas

The problem is that they are 2 player games, so some sort of winner stays on may have to be in order, whilst the other host drunkenly rambles to distract them.

I'm pretty sure i've seen some of the snes tetris variations (tetris 3, bombliss etc) with 3 and 4 player modes, so perhaps it could be more practical to choose them, but the magic in the battle gaiden one i mentioned first looks like it would be the best for sheer bonkers wtf moments

29-12-13, 03:24
We should test it out! I've gotten netplay to work with the Gens emulator with Indiesoul.

There used to be an awesome 4 player online tetris game until it got shut down...don't know if it ever came back.