View Full Version : 3DS XL Aug 19th $199

22-06-12, 05:30
Nintendo just announced via a Nintendo Direct stream that a new version of the 3DS hardware with a larger screen and better battery life will be launching Aug 19th (the same day as New SMB 2) for $199. The big shocker, still only one circle pad! Does that mean they will have to release another version of the circle pad pro? Anyone already ready to upgrade to 3DS XL?

22-06-12, 09:02
The version after that might have dual analogs, so you have to buy another new one.

They're getting as bad as Apple for half assed upgrades.

22-06-12, 09:35
They will never put dual analogs on a 3DS, It would cost too much to add something that only a couple of games use. If they had any ideas about doing that sort of thing, then the DSi would have had built in rumble, gyro, guitar hero grip and optical mouse.

22-06-12, 12:23
I will finally join the 3DS crowd for this.
The XL is so much nicer as I get older.
I knew waiting was the right thing to do.

22-06-12, 02:31
The hardware looks nice. I think if you have been waiting to get a 3DS that this would be the time to get one. It's petty clear they don't care about adding dual sticks, and we probably will not see a system with them until the next generation of Nintendo handheld.

If you already have one though, I don't know if it's worth upgrading. Especially if you have been downloadig e-shop games. Nintendo is pretty stiff about their content existing only on the console you purchased it on, and I don't think you will be able to transfer e-shop games to a new system.

23-06-12, 03:42
I'll pass on this one. Heck, I've been thinking of selling my entire 3DS setup for a Vita, not sure yet though.

23-06-12, 06:45
Why Nintendo, why pull an Apple!

03-07-12, 01:14
Damit, this is the update i was waiting for. I wanted to wait but bought mine a few months ago thinking it would at least be a few years before the XL came out.

If nintendo would have just released this monster and bypassed the small screen one altogether they would have sold alot better than they did i think. Nintendo tried to milk this far to much. This scam has been noted.

03-07-12, 10:26
Blue for me, I have no problem upgrading.

01-10-12, 03:00
I just picked one up last night and LOVE IT! The huge screen is so much easier on my eyes and it fits much better in my hands. Transferring eShop games from my 3DS to the XL was very easy ( I was kinda worried about this cuz I have quite a few eShop games). No complaints and glad I upgraded :)

06-03-13, 09:50
The 3DS XL is the one I would recommend if you are interested in buying virtual console games. The reviews of the virtual console on the regular 3DS say that the virtual screen gets reduced too much and is too small to see well. On the 3DS XL, the extra screen size allows these virtual screens to emulate larger, sharper and overall more playable.