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Matt Den.aris
08-06-12, 08:40
Evening all. Another catch up listener here and from near London in jolly old England. Working my way through veeeeerrrrryyyyy slowly and did start listening a couple years back then lost the retro passion because of lifes stresses.

Anyway, 80s gamer originally. Starting (in my personal collection at least) with Speccy 48k, then up (at least I think up) to C64, Gameboy, Amiga in many forms and quite simply the best platform to grace this planet, Megadrive & SNES at some stage retrospectively then a whole host of more modern systems from Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox, 360, PS3, GBA, DS and I think that just about covers it. Best genre has to be driving games followed by shoot em ups.

Miner, I believe we may have crossed paths before on Retro Passion then again I maybe mistaken. I went under a different name there.

Love the podcast, the deep technical natures and top 10s being particular faves (driving games Top 10 was most enjoyable) not to mention learning loads about systems I never knew much about and stoking the flames of my pinball likes - thanks Scott! :CB

Look forward to contributing on here.

Oh and by the way (don't shoot me down in flames), I'm an occasional podcast host over at Retro Asylum.

08-06-12, 09:05
One thing you will learn about us is that we love to help grow the community, we have a section in the forum called Listener Media, feel free to promote your show there. And give us a mention in return. Welcome to the forums!

08-06-12, 10:00
Welcome to the forums! It's a friendly bunch around here. You should definitely join in for a Live News segment if you can too.

Matt Den.aris
08-06-12, 10:29
Certainly seems that way :) but I won't go pushing the podcast I host just yet. 3 posts in, I know forum etiquette well enough having run a few.

Live News? Where do I find that?

08-06-12, 11:51
Welcome welcome welcome and please post information on your podcast as soon as you want :)

09-06-12, 03:15
Seriously man, we don't mind if you mention it right away. Allot of shows are deathly afraid that if someone finds out there are other shows then they will loose listeners, our view is that by growing the hobby we all gain from it.

Each month we post on the forum and facebook that we will be doing the news at a certain time and date. It is an interactive experience with chat, webcams and often prizes. Rather than us just running through the news we get to hang with the listeners. It is a great experience.

09-06-12, 12:28
Miner, I believe we may have crossed paths before on Retro Passion then again I may be mistaken. I went under a different name there.

That would be me. What name did you use?

Live News? Where do I find that?


Watch out on facebook and in the forums for the broadcast schedule.

It's usually a Thursday at 19:00.

Matt Den.aris
09-06-12, 05:44
I was on there and various other sites as Wilshy.

Excellent look forward to joining in. :PAC

09-06-12, 05:54
I was on there and various other sites as Wilshy.

Yeah, I remember.

There is a new RP but it isn't what it used to be.

Matt Den.aris
10-06-12, 10:55
Didn't realise it'd relaunched. If I'm 100% honest I found it was too much social chat than anything else. Good bunch on there but the balance between jokes and gaming was all wrong.

Your Top 10 driving games read something like mine. F1GP stole many a hour from school for me (probably a little younger ;) and GPL is something I'd dearly love to have the time to get into.

Anyway hope I can contribute here in a positive way!