View Full Version : Greetings from Batavia, NY

31-05-12, 06:48
Hi everyone,

I've been to the live chat once as Randark-Proudmoore, but this is my first time to the forums.

I've been listening for about 9 months now and love this show. Everytime it appears in my podcast playlist I get excited. I love Mike Mike and Scotts passion for the subject.

You guys even inspired me to create a segment for another podcast that I listen to. It's called the Classic Gaming Challenge (http://bound-staghelm.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=87). It gets added to the end of The Rawrcast Show which was originally about World of Warcraft but has expanded to cover what ever the hosts are into.

Thanks for the show and I hope that one day I can get out to one of the big events and meet some of you.

31-05-12, 09:08
Aah the infamous RANDARK-PROUDMORE!

Great name, and welcome.

01-06-12, 03:06
Welcome Nebula! Glad to have you in the forums and as a satisfied listener. Oh, in live news too! A trifecta of goodness!

01-06-12, 04:00
Welcome to the show! Be sure to post your podcast project in the Listener Media area of the forum to promote your show with out listeners.

01-06-12, 04:07
Good on you, helping me achieve my ultimate goal of finding a better podcast via RGR and finally leaving this wretched place.

Welcome to the club, pull up a chair by the fireplace and help yourself to some brandy.

01-06-12, 10:01
We all drink Scotch here. Brandy is for pretentious folk. :)