View Full Version : Ubuntu BBS for trade wars

23-05-12, 10:30
This is probably the wrong section but it seems the most appropriate... Anyways.

I am installing Synchronet on my Ubuntu 11.04 VPS to play Trade Wars and maybe a few other BBS games. Anyone interested, post here.

24-05-12, 01:05
Yes we are interested. We were looking a while back to have somebody run one for us.

Scott was looking into it but I'm not sure where he got to.

24-05-12, 03:40
Scott contacted me about it last night. I have been having problems setting up Synchronet (and a few other), it would be easier if I had a Windows server lol.

24-05-12, 04:39
Yeah, were going to skype up soon and explore the idea, Thorz, I will get back to you as my schedule settles a bit, just a few days.

24-05-12, 04:53
Ok awesome lol that gives me time to get it working on my server

25-05-12, 06:55
Update; I think I've worked out my problems with running Synchronet on my Linux VPS. But Door games may be a problem, since the only option I've found for running DOS door games (without having to use a GUI and dosbox, which will take up a lot of RAM) is using dosemu, which I cannot get running for some reason.

25-05-12, 08:56
LORD. kthx

26-05-12, 04:51
Yes, I will add lord lol

20-09-12, 12:50
So, I was way too busy to setup a new server. But I remembered I had some some webhosting just sitting around not being used, so I have just installed BlackNova Traders, if anyone is interested!