View Full Version : What is your Game-Boy Tetris High Score?

14-05-12, 12:45
I'm not that great at video games but I still love playing them. My current high score in Tetris DX is: 323,776 points in Marathon Mode starting at level 9. (played on my GB Light) I can't remember what my high score was back in the day but I do remember seeing the Russian Space shuttle launch cut scene and was amazed.

So what is your Game Boy Tetris High Score? Has anyone on the forums reached the 999,999 points possible in tetris?

What is your personal best?

14-05-12, 02:30
Just talking about this in chat now, I haven't really played Tetris DX to any great degree but I'll give this a bash.

I usually play original Tetris on Game Type B with the hardest settings and I'll post my score for that later.

Good challenge though.

14-05-12, 03:30
Yeah like I said in chat I need to get an original Tetris for Game-boy. Until then I'll bash away at DX and try the B Game out on my psp Game-boy emulator. More fun playing on a real game boy though.

14-05-12, 06:52
ISo what is your Game Boy Tetris High Score?

I would have to say ZERO points. I don't recall ever playing it on a Game Boy. In fact I'm not even sure I've ever played ANYTHING on a Game Boy. I suppose that sounds hard to believe, but I never owned one, nor did any of my friends back then.

14-05-12, 09:38
Just had a go, and made the mistake of pausing when I had my tea.

When I resumed it was too fast to get back in the flow.

Managed a 207.xxx though which gave me a shuttle launch.

14-05-12, 10:59
Hate to burst your bubble, but I just did a continuous run and got 563,998


15-05-12, 12:42
Cool I knew it wouldn't take the Tetris Master UK very long to beat my measly score! Great job and you knocked it off after only one cuppa tea.

15-05-12, 08:26
Come on people, show us what you got.

15-05-12, 08:29
Current High Score for Game Type B on original Tetris is 23,855 but I think I have a 24,xxx on the PSP emulator. The original cart doesn't save high scores but I'll try it on hardware tonight.

16-05-12, 10:13
as much as i love tetris i abslutely fall apart once the speed builds up, it's a problem that i have with Lumines and Bombliss too, which leads to some very rapid defeats when we play multiplayer :(

My brain is far better suited to having time to meticulously plan things, when the speed cranks up in stuff like this i almost feel like the blocks don;t move sideways fast enough to go where i want, but it's blatantly a problem with how fast my brain decides where it wants them to go

Nevertheless I shall have a bash later cos i have nothing better to do, is there a restriction on versions or formats e.g. Tetris vs. Tertris 2 vs. Tetris DX or GB vs GBA vs Super Gameboy vs Gamecube Gameboy Player? (not that i'd try and find a combination that lowers the refresh rate enough to give me more of a chance ;-) )

P.S. Bombliss is ace, UK, you should try it if you never have

16-05-12, 11:25
Nope no restrictions! Just play whatever version of Tetris you can get your hands on and post your scores! Looks like UK is the man to beat. He is the puzzle master after all.

16-05-12, 12:17
Later versions like Tetris DS are out because they let you perpetually roll pieces at the bottom which is virtually cheating.

Tetris original or Tetris DX on any hardware.