View Full Version : Gt academy, anyone up for some friendly competition

02-05-12, 09:22
Hey folks, this week Sony/Polyphony/Nissan released the 2012 version of the GT Academy.

For those that don't know this was a promotion that ran near GT5's launch which had the grand prize of putting the winner of a series of virtual driving challenges into a real life training programme before giving them a seat in a full on race.
It turned out to be remarkably successful, and winners from various territories have had a lot of success, especially Lucas Ordonez, and they now run full time race teams with various drivers.

So, what does this mean to us? Well, to get lots of people involved, they offer the academy software as a completely separate standalone from GT5, so you don't even need the game to try it, and all of the challenges have online leader boards, with close integration with your friends list.

So, who's up for some challenging and banter through it/this thread? And you never know, if you end up fouling some good times you may even progress to one of the 'real' rounds