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23-04-12, 08:27
Happy Birthday ZXSpectrum, 30 today and still kicking. Callout to Ad Astra, Matchday, Underwurlde, Sabre Wulf, The Lords of Midnight and Monty Mole

News article from BBC and the Guardian (google search graphic is awesome)


A week of speccy playing is underway :)

23-04-12, 10:00
Just sent my brother a similar text message but both the ZX Spectrum and St George killed a dragon, in fact the Spectrum killed at least 2, both the Dragon 32 and the Dragon 64.

I thank you.

23-04-12, 12:13
google.co.uk (http://google.co.uk) (rather than .com) to see the graphic.
Awesome... nice articles.

I was always a C64 kid but still... the Speccy was such a great British micro and so important to the early games industry.

23-04-12, 04:25
Them were the days, eh? In the playground competing to see who had the best computer... Of course, my Vic was the best!

My best pal had a 16k Speccy before upgrading to a 48k and then a Speccy +. It took 3 computers before he got a real keyboard - hah!

Good times playing Harrier Attack though... *feels old...*

24-04-12, 02:10
Oh I had a VIC too... upgraded to C64... never went the Sinclair route but older and wiser - lot of respect.

25-04-12, 12:59

One thing's for sure it was a fast wee beasty of a machine. And it definitely has a personality all it's own. When you see or hear a Speccy game there's little doubt that it's a Speccy game.

A couple of years ago I had a +2 for a while and I really did quite enjoy a few games on it. Micronaut One being my favourite. It's a pretty impressive game - silky smooth and a nice atmosphere. :)

26-04-12, 03:54
Hi Just want to add my birthday wishes to the Speccy. I remember getting my Spectrum +2A after my C16 died and boy what a leap forward. I know the +2A is not a true "sinclair" being released by Amstrad after the buy out but it is probably the most solid machine I have ever owned still working after 20 years when I sold it along with most my old machines a few years ago.

The thing I remember most is the fact I could buy Spectrum games for under a fiver when if I wanted a new game for my NES it meant saving up for months! Oh and the excellent Your Sinclair magazine.

Anyways enough rambling on I'm off for a blast on Target Renegade!!


26-04-12, 07:57
Yeah, I got a small amount of pocket money back then but its how many games it bought me.

05-05-12, 12:12
Hi all

I've been away from the forums for a while but hoping to get back into regular posting.

I was always a speccy kid. I had 2 rubber keyed 48K machine a 128+ (toast rack) and a +2. I recently had them all refurbished for the speccy's birthday and made myself a speccy arcade joystick :). It is great for playing Daley Thomson's decathlon with. I went through a lot of quickshot 2s playing that game back in the day.