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21-04-12, 04:25
Been a long time listener to the podcast, always great content and very entertaining. Just recently found out about the live news segment and participated for the first time this April, was a good time!.

Started in games back with a Sears Pong machine when they first came out. My father was really into video games since they were so new, so I benefited from that. Had most of the classic systems growing with my favorites being the Fairchild Channel F (I had all the carts for it!), Atari 2600, Colecovision, Vectrex, Bally Astrocade. Currently I am also into the NES, Gamecube, Genesis, Xbox and Xbox360 (SVT512 is my Xbox Live ID) and my Retrogaming stuff on my Ipad.

I also have a small electronic handheld collection, nothing special - Mattel Football, Basketball, Baseball, Space Alert, AutoRace - Atari Touchme, Entex Pac Man 2, Galaxian - Coleco Galaxian (had since new and is my all time favorite electronic game). I recently picked up a 20 questions game like Socal uses on the live news show, it looked to cool not to have one.

other interests I have is Robotics, Electronics, Model Railroading, My focus SVT (Retired it from Autocrossing) and my Pug Snarfle.

Hope to make some new friends on the forums. I plan on participating as much as I can on the Live News show and contribute to the forums.

Xbox live Id - SVT512
Youtube id - SVT512
Atariage id - thevnaguy

21-04-12, 10:02
Welcome to the forums, sorry SoCal wasn't very drunk this time in Live News.

21-04-12, 12:58
Welcome to the forums. The first game I remember playing as a kid was a pong machine when I was 5. Good times good times.