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06-04-12, 02:06
I've been listening to the show for ages now and I really like pretty much everything about. However, I'm going to make a request. Could you give the Vic 20 some love? It's my favourite machine but it only ever gets cursory mentions in geeky media - usually as a precursor to a conversation about the C64!

How about a Vic special Hardware Flashback and a Top Ten list of games? Or an interview with Bob Yannes or Michael Tomczyk (he always seems up for a chat!).

It would be great to hear about the Vic Commandos and the crazy days of the mighty Vic!

Regardless of whether you take up this challenge or not, I'm loving the show - Happy birthday and keep up the good work and for God's sake interrupt Scott more often!! :P

06-04-12, 03:21
Funny you should ask, I will be covering the Vic soon.

06-04-12, 05:15
That's great to hear. I eagerly await your coverage. :)

There is a small but fairly active community for the Vic but outside that the platform gets very little attention. I would love to see what games could be produced for it if given the same attention as, say, the VCS. Some of the 'scene' demos show some amazing things and there's even a real-time first person game for it!

Vive la Vic! :)

13-04-12, 03:28
Definitely agree! I never owned a Vic 20, but my neighbors had one briefly (the computer store gave them one to use while their c64 was on order). I haven't followed it too much since until I read Commodore: A Company On The Edge last year, and that piqued my interest. I've been keeping my eyes open at fleas and craigslist. Definitely some Vic 20 games I want to play.

Some of the 'scene' demos show some amazing things and there's even a real-time first person game for it!There was a pretty amazing looking RPG made for it a year or two ago. I don't know how big the Vic 20 homebrew scene is, but there's definitely still some love out there.

14-04-12, 12:38
Was the RPG Realms of Quest III? That was pretty amazing. Really sophisticated stuff and the first and only game to require a 32k RAM expansion and disk drive to get the most out of it. Excellent stuff. In fact, Ghislain, the man behind the game has just released the full game as freeware!

The homebrew scene is small but there is a fairly consistent output of new and interesting stuff. I'd estimate around 6 or 7 quality games a year over the past few years...

06-05-12, 10:26
The Vic is the best 8 bit. My first computer and still my favourite. It is amazing what they managed to do with the hardware.

The Commodore Space Invader and Galaxian clones stomped all over the competition.

31-05-13, 06:53
Just a bump. Have I somehow missed the VIC 20 coverage or is it still in the pipeline? Cheers. :)