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04-04-12, 05:41
Hi guys, newbie to the forum here.

I was listening to your first podcast this morning and the introductions you all gave about yourselves and your gaming heritage and your then current favorite games / systems. Very enjoyable it must be said :Y:. However three years in our hobby and the world can change.

So my question to everyone is have your gaming habits changed over the lifetime of the show (so far) ?

For me three years ago I would have been predominantly playing the Wii, however now I can't remember the last time it was turned on :THUMBSDOWN:

Now systems of choice in the house are PS3 DSIxl and PSP (currently undergoing a real resurgence for me since I picked up a cheap psp go). I also have 3 android tablets of varying specs which I have to say have some good emulators but are constantly let down by controls on the touch screen. I know you guys are predominantly iOS driven but is there any room for some Android gaming on the forums ?

The PC via emulation is my retro gaming device of choice as due to house down sizing the games room has had to be packed away (only consoles and old computers never brave enough to make the move to full size arcade cabs).

Thanks to the show as well I think I now spend as much of my time on pinball games as ever I do on traditional games.

Apologies if this has been covered many times over but have your habbits changed over the last three+ years ?

All the best, thanks for a great show guys :WSHP

05-04-12, 05:16
Welcome to the forums Gubbins and glad you are enjoying the show! Hope you stick around here :)

05-04-12, 09:34
My habits have changed but only a little, I was never a PC Gamer and I'm still not, I was never interested in the current gen of consoles and I'm still not. I only own a Wii and I went on Wii Fit this week which scolded me for not playing it for 1172 days.

The kids are playing the Wii this week because they are off school but I rarely use it at all now despite having a few games queued up to play.

3 years ago I would mainly play on my PSP or my DS and that is still the case, only now it is a 3DS.

Quick bursts of handheld gaming fit much more into my life than a gaming session sat in front of the TV does.

I have an iPhone for work but I hate it, and I've tried playing some games on it but I haven't liked any that I've tried, mainly because of the controls. When you die in a game because of the controls something is fundamentally wrong.

My next phone will probably be running Android but I doubt I will get into gaming on it too much because of the same problem, the controls. Of course I could link a Wii-Mote to it via bluetooth but I don't carry one with me which means I would do it at home which means I will have many better options for gaming within easy reach.

Android has its good points but I don't necessarily see gaming as one of them.

05-04-12, 03:41
Welcome to the show!

Yeah, some things change and some don't. I love the 3ds and what it does for mobile gaming, and I wouldn't have predicted that 3 years ago.

I just added a Neo Geo MVS to my arcade, replacing my last mame machine, I figured I was headed in that direction.

05-04-12, 06:16
I've been listening to the show for a little over a year. When I started listening, I was playing a lot of PS3 and the odd game of Kaboom or Frostbite on my 2600. Since then, I've built a MAME cabinet and now that occupies 100% of the gaming time I have available. My PS3's only function these days is to run Netflix.

13-04-12, 03:32
I went on Wii Fit this week which scolded me for not playing it for 1172 days.

haha, you know I got a huge laugh out of that. I wonder when someone unboxes their old dusty Wii (maybe I phrased that wrong) from their attic 20 or 30 years from now if that SD card is still working if one would be scolded for 5 digits of days.

My gaming habis seem cyclical to be honest. I do some console gaming, than switch to PC, than handhelds, and so on. Right now I mostly play a combination of PC and iOS/Android games and emulators, while my kids spend most of their time on the 360. My son started out playing lots of NES games on a Dreamcast with a modded NES disc I made for him, but anymore he is mostly interested in either the latest racing game or Sonic the Hedgehog.