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28-03-12, 08:32
The March Madness continues with RoundUp 46 featuring our longest ever Live News broadcast.

Just how drunk was SoCal?

I think anybody who falls while seated has to be pretty loaded.

Editorial: Facebook Games - (00:00)
Retro Regurge - (27:10)
Guinness Gaming Records - (32:20)
Graham Hansford - Popcorn - (34:23)
John Sohl Interview - (38:11)
The Great And Powerful Oz - (112:22)
Top Ten Game Designers (Console) - (112:52)
Gaming Trivia - (246:21)
It Came From MAME - (246:48)
Handheld Emulation - (261:03)
Hardware Flashback: Computer Space Project - (263:03)
Live News And Listener Views - (278:53)
Songs About Our Listeners - (430:39)
Gizmondo Sticky Balls - (432:24)
URLs And EMails - (434:30)

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28-03-12, 08:50
For those who have the RGR Apps I have injected a bonus audio clip as a test.

Let me know how it goes.

28-03-12, 09:40
Awesome, the John Sohl interview! Been waiting a long time for that one - hope it's good.

Mr Johnson
29-03-12, 12:40
7+ hours! You guys are awesome! Thanks!

Mr Johnson
29-03-12, 01:28
Hey Scott, I'm guessing you know this already but Fallout has a V.A.T.S (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) no aiming required. I have difficulty with these games too with a joystick controller (I'm a PC gamer) so I use it often. Furthermore, Fairy Sprinkles on Face Book is underrated ;^)

29-03-12, 03:17
Downloaded tonight, hoping to give it a listen Friday morning, Saturday night, and finishing it Sunday. Live Chat was really entertaining, really wish I could make it in more often. Looking at the show notes, there's a ton of good segments this month.

29-03-12, 01:01
Good stuff. I'm looking forward to the shop-out of the Computer Space. A few questions/comments (spoiler alert!):

1) Does anybody know what band is playing during the John Sohl interview?

2) Those were porno 8-tracks, right? F-in'g hilarious

3) Steve Kordek was interviewed a few years ago on TOPCast #23 (http://www.pinrepair.com/topcast/past.php). In addition, Norm Clark (the "other" Williams guy in the 60's) interviewed for #33, and Wayne Neyens (Gottlieb, 30's to 60's) is episode #30. These are probably my favorite three interviews because these guys started in the industry in the 1930's. Awesome stories and perspective.

4) Ben Heck not only finished the Bill Paxton pinball machine (he brings it to MGC every year), he has two more in the works. His latest pinball project is a partnership with John Papaduik. They had a whole presentation about prototyping a machine during MGC as well.

If you ever decide to make "Show Footnoter" a paid position, let me know. I seem to have a knack for it 8-)

29-03-12, 01:29
The 5 second bonus clip in the app works for me btw

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All Your Base
29-03-12, 01:44
Another 150Mb podcast: do you have any idea how long I had to stand around at Starbucks looking like I was thinking of buying a pannini while my phone downloaded it using their "free-for customers" wifi? ;-)

In the end, I felt obliged to at least buy an Americano to avoid the stares!

29-03-12, 02:35
You could have got the 16k version in a quarter of the time and avoided the expense of an Americano, but where's the fun in not being stared at?

29-03-12, 05:17
) Does anybody know what band is playing during the John Sohl interview?

2) Those were porno 8-tracks, right? F-in'g hilarious

Yes, those were from a series of 8 tracks that were out in the 70's.

I do not know the name of the guy playing, and music is a subjective thing with personal taste of course being the deciding factor of whether or not it appeals to you. I for one do not like atonal banjo music with unintelligible lyrics played at maximum volume. Right when the doors were about to open there was this moment; you could hear the subdued rumble of the crowd outside of the door, the sound of booths being set up had stopped and there was a moment of peaceful rest right before the expo started. Then PLINK, CHUNK, TWANG, PLINK, TWANG, PLINK "frumpkisbummer, hammenslappesh frigglemappertwant ftooo prabnmenttt ringtrush" PLINK, CLUNK, TWANG

I only have two complaints about CGE, one is that it isn't open 24 hours like MAGFEST, that would rule and I think it would improve the show. The second is that the music for all bands is turned up so loud that you can't talk in the expo hall unless you yell at each other when bands are playing.

All Your Base
30-03-12, 01:36
Fascinating Guinness Gaming Records this time round ;-)

30-03-12, 02:17
It was the least informative segment ever, thus a record.

30-03-12, 08:09
I loved the John Sohl interview. B-17 Bomber is also one of my favorites on the system (then and now).

I was fortunate enough to have a long conversation with John at CGE 2010. I bought him a coffee (I figured it was the least I could do!) and we talked about B-17, Astosmash and the Intellivision. Later in the day on Sunday, he and I (and David Warhol) played Triple Action - biplanes for a good 30-40 minutes while chatting. A real gentleman, John. David too.

Little side note: I was quite pleased that I showed no mercy and squarely beat both of them at biplanes!

People... for those who haven't been, you REALLY NEED to go to CGE! It's just the best!
(geez, I sounded like Scott there).

30-03-12, 08:12
It was the least informative segment ever, thus a record.

Clearly you must be referring to the "Songs About Or Listeners" segment. While clever, I'm afraid you aren't the first person to come up with that tune used with my name. Some kids in grade school beat you to it by about 35+ years.

Still, I'm honored that you chose to sing about me, UK. You missed your calling in life. With a little auto-tune, you could give Rebecca Black a run for her money!

Gordon Bennett
31-03-12, 05:35
I don't think that Harry the Fairy is too odd of a game title.

Here is the rather fun and much more strangely titled Fat Worm Blows A Sparky.


31-03-12, 12:55
Fascinating Guinness Gaming Records this time round ;-)

I was trying to find semolina in the shops when the segment started, then it suddenly ended and I couldn't decide if it was missing the content or if I'd zoned out and missed it (rather likely tbh)

31-03-12, 08:18
Since my work isn't allowing us to wear regular headphones anymore (can only wear an earbud in one ear, I can't do that), I had to listen to the show out loud. Was turning it down during the 8-track porn and had to explain to my manager what a stylophone was. :p
I'm going to have to listen through the interview again. During that time the cleaners were being too loud, and I barely heard the show.

One of the news submissions listed, and I don't think mentioned on the show, was that SNES game Nightmare Busters. I tried looking into that game and came up with reasons that I wouldn't be purchasing a copy of it.
-It's not an original game. It's an unreleased title from over 15 years ago that Super Fighting Team has had the rights to for about 3 years now.
-There's a ROM version out there for it, but the version they're releasing is going to be more "complete"
-There's almost no information on the game in terms of video footage or screenshots on their website. I've had to go to other sites to find them.
-One year long pre orders?! By the time the game is set for release, Paypal's customer protection will be long over.

Now I could be very wrong on this, and I apologize if that's the case, but all of that added up to choosing not to pre order the game from them.

Gordon Bennett
03-04-12, 06:40
I've been giving the matter a bit of thought, and I am now quite certain that Taito should be pronounced "tie-toe."

Granted, I only know a few words of Japanese from a single course taken before my amnesia, but for every word that I can think of written in Roman characters with "ai" in it is pronounced like the letter I. Also, I don't think that a sound like the letter A exists in Japanese at all.

I would have to look at it written in Japanese and hopefully remember how to read it, but I expect it will be written with three syllables "ta-ee-toe" and pronounced with the first two vowel sounds combined into one "I".

03-04-12, 12:40

Tie-to / Ti-e-to = http://www.instablogsimages.com/images/2010/07/28/space-invader-couch5_mCdYT_1822.jpg

Tayto = http://transitionculture.org/wp-content/uploads/potato.jpg

Just got into the news, looking forward to seeing what UK is bring over to the best of the northern shires for Play Expo (i say that but have a coat of arms for my family with 3 lancashire roses on it so make of that what you will)

17-04-12, 10:29
I don't think that Harry the Fairy is too odd of a game title.

Here is the rather fun and much more strangely titled Fat Worm Blows A Sparky.
(video removed from the reply)

Thanks a lot, Gordon, That is one hour and twentyfive minutes i will never get back.

18-04-12, 01:15
Thanks a lot, Gordon, That is one hour and twentyfive minutes i will never get back.

At 36:51, I totally thought Fat Worm would take a left, but instead he sort of meandered straight-left! Eventually he goes full left at 36:55, but wow, I wasn't expecting that! Clever worm!

And there was one point around 1:08:49 that it looked like......
......something INTERESTING might actually happen. Sadly, I was wrong. :BW:

Loved the soundtrack though (if I was the Deaf CD Thief that is)...

...wait, I sort of am... but... ah, forget it... :BW: