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07-03-12, 12:34
G'day everyone,

I'm another long term listener who is only now getting off his arse and joining the forum.

I'm a massive fan of arcade gaming, so I really love the coin op coverage within the podcast. It's also great to see how much love for the arcades can be found on the forum. I'm a MAME addict, through and through.

A big thanks to UK, Scott and SoCal for delivering so much amazing content each month. It's definitely been educational - to a much greater degree than any of the other retrogaming podcasts (which is saying a lot, given everyone seems to be a pseudo-historian).

Looking forward to being an active member of the community. Also looking forward to shocking everyone with my tales of the relative obscurity of Nintendo in my hometown, which seems to be the opposite for most of the US guys.

In the 80s and 90s Sega had our hearts and minds, in both the arcades and in the home (the Master System was huge here - eg. it was only about 5 years ago that I became aware that Sonic really isn't primarily considered to be a Master System game - something that also shocked my wife and many of my mates). Clearly Australia and Brazil have more in common than a love of sport.



07-03-12, 01:02
Welcome to the forums Barry whereabouts in OZ are you?

07-03-12, 01:52
Welcome, have you ever heard UK's tales of his travels in Oz? He made really good friends with this one mechanic down there.

07-03-12, 04:24
Thanks BB!

Glad you are here in the forums and also enjoying the show. We have a lot of Aussie listeners and a few in the forums every now and again so you should feel right at home.

08-03-12, 09:54
I can't remember UK mentioning visiting the capital on his trip (though he's probably seen more of this country than I have). I've been here in Canberra for a while now, but I'm originally from Sydney.

Aussies are always well represented - everywhere. Even one of the marines in Halo CE is an Aussie!

08-03-12, 11:14
The story Scott is referring to is about when I was trying to get from Ti Tree to Alice Springs and I told it about 5 shows ago I think.

By the sound of it I have seen more of the country than you have LOL.

I did enjoy Canberra though, we did our first bush walk there, up the hill to the top of the Telstra Tower.

08-03-12, 12:31
Yeah, it was great to hear The Lonely Planet Guide To Pissed Desert Mechanics.

That said, when you live in a country where all the animals are out to kill you, and you're either under water or on fire ...