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09-02-12, 09:09
Hi Guys,

Just got a PC for 16, let me explain, its my mothers old AMD Sempron 2600+ base unit that I had for free. I had some old hard drives from my old PC that died years ago that I never replaced, bought 1gb ram from ebay for 12 and a Ati Radeon 9600 128mb for 4. Father in law donated a lcd monitor and my recently purchased Hori Fighting Stick 3 (22 used ebay) which I originally bought to use for fighting games on the ps3 however found a driver for it to run on pc and it works great for emulators.

Anyways I was never really into PC gaming only ever really played the Championship Manager games and the Action Quake Mod for a year so am unsure on what old games I should be looking for and more importantly ones
that will run on this machine. So am hoping you guys can recommend some games for me to track down.

Full Specs are

AMD Sempron 2600+
Adrock Mobo
ATI Sapphire Radeon 9600XT 128MB AGP
1 GB Ram
80GB + 40GB + 8GB HD

Many Thanks


10-02-12, 04:14
Anything Valve should run depending on the game and the detail settings employed (the newer ya get, the lower the detail). Any id Software game up to Doom 3 (though Doom 3 will probably only run on low detail) ... pretty much everything on gog.com, damn near any emulator you choose.

I'd bump the ram up to 2 or 4 gigs (they're dirt cheap. I got a 4GB DDR3 chip for 20 bucks) personally. But the only real "bottleneck" depending on how old/new you wanna go is the video.

But it'll definitely run most of the older stuff you throw at it as it is.

10-02-12, 10:31
Just as Dhalamar says keep your eye on the specs of the games. What games are you looking to play?

Hey Dhalamar, do you play mw3 on steam????

10-02-12, 11:11
Hey Dhalamar, do you play mw3 on steam????

I don't even have MW3 on Steam, and even if I did I wouldn't waste my time playing it online. The most I ever do is Combat Training in Black Op-s.

11-02-12, 01:16
Hi Guys, Thanks for the quick replies. Main reason I got it was sick of playing emulators through the laptop and had space in my spare room which already got the PS3 and 360 in it for a desk top but not enough room for a cab. When I got it it only 256mb which was really holding it back so without going over the top picking up the extra ram and a cheap graphics card to give it a bit of a boost. I don't really want to throw too much money at it as the original purpose is for emulators and pretty sure it will handle what I want at the minute. Then while setting it all up thought why not get some retro pc gaming on the go too, happy really to look at any game recommendations you guys have.
Thanks Again