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07-02-12, 11:17
The NDA has expired and we can air our Steve Ritchie and AC/DC Pinball Special show for you.

We talk to Steve about some of his past games and experiences, and of course about his new AC/DC Pinball Machine.

If you're looking to buy the AC/DC pin then you can do that through Game Gavel (http://www.gamegavel.com/item.cgi?show_item=0000592799).

Steve Ritchie Interview

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07-02-12, 02:15
Cool. I'm also glad to see a good AC/DC table. Everyone goes crazy over the Kiss table....and while I can appreciate the table itself, I was never a huge Kiss fan. They have a few good songs, but more than anything they seem to be a merchendise machine. AC/DC is a band I am willing to support a bit more.

With that said I want an Iron Maiden pinball table. If they were to make that pin, I'd prolly pay full price and find a way to pre-order it. HUGE Maiden fan. And from their album artwork and of course the Eddie mascot, they could do SO MUCH with a Maiden table. Sorry.....just had to get that out of my system.

07-02-12, 04:35
awesome interview, fantastic job!

07-02-12, 06:39
Very cool - grabbing it now!

07-02-12, 11:48
On GameGavel


08-02-12, 05:38
With all due respect, I have never heard of a Big Buck Hunter making $800 a week. I have worked for operators for over 10 years in Virginia! Still enjoying the interview however. Very cool.

Mr Johnson
08-02-12, 10:52
Great job guys! I can't believe you pulled that type of interview off as well as you did: Seamlessly.


08-02-12, 11:46
Thanks. It was challenging. As some of you may know Steve has a hearing disorder and couldn't hear us so we had to email questions to him vs. our normal back-and-forth interview style. Steve did a great job answering them in the order we presented them and then UK dubbed our questions in editing. It worked out well for all of us and UK worked his magic to put it all together. Glad you enjoyed it!

Great job guys! I can't believe you pulled that type of interview off as well as you did: Seamlessly.


11-02-12, 12:14
Enjoyed the interview. Great work guys!

It was nice to hear Steve talk about working on Star Trek: The Next Generation - one of my favorite pinballs.

11-02-12, 05:03
Yeah man that was all UK Mike work!

17-02-12, 05:15
What a great interview. Steve Ritchie is always a pleasure to listen to. I remember seeing him speak about 2 or 3 years ago at California Extreme and enjoyed him talking about the inspiration for 1985's High Speed. Which by the way was a question that I asked. Great memories.
I can't wait to play the new AC/DC machine and hope to see it at this year's California Extreme or at the Pinball Hall of Fame.

17-02-12, 05:28
At the Pinball hall of Fame at CGE right??

17-02-12, 05:33
At the Pinball hall of Fame at CGE right??

I am planning on attending CGE this year.
This will be my first one.

17-02-12, 06:02
Be sure to join us for the party before CGE, Get ready to rock out!


17-02-12, 06:08
As if RosenStolz would play our show..... Or Nena?

17-02-12, 09:31
Great bonus show-And great editing UK :)
I'm half way through at mo.
Never knew the BK/FG plagiarism story! Cooool (Still love Black Out though-There's a great VP version).
Nice to see some pinball-As I mentioned in Live News-Charlie on Spooky plugged this bonus show-and was nice hearing you big up Spooky :)
So many good podcasts over the last 3 years......starting with your good selves :)