View Full Version : Free download with coins from Club Nintendo

29-01-12, 04:48
I didn't see a thread with this listed so I wanted to let everyone know that you can redeem your coins in Club Nintendo for 3DS downloads. Finally something good for filling out those questionnaires.
This go round is Kirby's Dreamland for 100 coins and Dr. Mario Express for 150 coins.
I would recommend both if have enough coins. You have until 31 January.

04-02-12, 04:18
New free downloadable games are:
- 3DS - Art Academy: First Semester (150 coins)
- Wii - Mario Party 2 (150 coins)

I most likely will not get either one of these, but, if anyone does please post and let me know how it is.
You have until 29 February to get these games

02-03-12, 02:13
OK there are new downloadable games for the 3DS in exchange for Club Nintendo coins.
- Mario Picross (Gameboy) - This is an amazing game and ranked #5 in the July2010 (Roundup21). Now is your chance to get it for a measly 100 coins.
- Radar Mission (Gameboy) - This game is reminiscent of the classic board game Battleship. it also is available for 100 coins.

You have until 31 March to get them.

If anyone has Radar Mission please post I am curious how it plays.

12-04-12, 02:12
New download for April is Metal Torrent for 150 coins.
It is a 2D Shooter by Nintendo/ARIKA
Easy mode is very easy...you can complete the game in 15 minutes. Insane is well.....insane.
Give it a go for 150 coins you can always use a nice looking shooter.
Cut and paste the link and check it out or yourself.