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27-01-12, 05:43
Great new retro 3D platformer released today. Great fun! Anyone else pick this one up?

27-01-12, 12:29
It looks awesome. I may get it tonight.

27-01-12, 06:36
Looks great - I'm in. How much was it?

27-01-12, 06:44
I think it was $8.99. It really is a great game. Not real long I have read, but very fun! Kind of reminiscent of Virtual Boy.

09-02-12, 03:53
Can't wait to get this!

09-02-12, 10:23
This game is great, but it will have you recalling the days of playing Mega Man games and wanting to slit your wrists trying to complete levels.

First of all, the 8-bit tributes are phenomenal. The art, the sounds, the music, all add up to a great "modern throwback" experience. The difficulty is there for sure. Each level contains a hidden alternate level that will punish you even worse with the difficulty. The saving grace here is that these levels are relatively short and therefore more "bite-size". Yes, you'll go back to the beginning when you die, but at least you feel like you don't have that far to go to complete the level.

The "water-powered hover pack" is reminiscent of Princess Peach's floaty control mechanics from Super Mario 2. The game uses this in all sorts of devious ways. You'll have to land on platforms sometimes that are only big enough for the enemy currently inhabiting them, so you need to land on the very edge. Platforms disappear and reappear, making you think very hard about when you'll use the hover mechanic. That sort of stuff. Yes, you may open up several boxes of f&%!s.

The sense of accomplishment is there though. That, along with the bite-sized levels, are what keep me coming back (rather than just giving up like I did in Mega Man, hehe).

13-02-12, 06:59
I have been LOVING this game but yes, its damn hard at times, in a very 8-bit way!

25-02-12, 11:33
I downloaded the game last night. The 3D is very well executed imo.

16-10-12, 11:15
Mutant Mudds getting free DLC! Siliconera. (http://www.siliconera.com/2012/10/15/mutant-mudds-on-3ds-gets-20-new-levels-as-free-dlc/)

07-11-12, 02:50
If you have this game there is an update with free added levels.

07-11-12, 03:31
Yep, got it already :) Great game!