View Full Version : Revenge from Mars Pinball 2000 on Mass Pike Westbound

26-01-12, 06:54
FYI... I was on my way to NYC to visit a friend last weekend and noticed a Revenge from Mars Pin. It looked like it was in great shape but I didn't have time to play it. I think it was at the Westborough, MA Service Plaza on I-90 Westbound.

Also... In NYC I played a few games at the Barcade. It was a blast.

27-01-12, 12:28
I have a Revenge from Mars pinball 2000 close to my house.
It is really a great pinball.
Animation and play is very compelling.
Great comic cartoon and voice humor.
For those that never played one, it is absolutely worth the time and money.
A REAL shame that Star wars killed the Pin 2K!