View Full Version : Resident Evil: Revelations

20-01-12, 11:48
Anyone play the free demo that was made available yesterday in the 3DS Store? I played through a bit of it and think it looks and plays great! Reminds me alot of the original.

21-01-12, 12:41
Grabbing it tonight!

21-01-12, 03:16
Downloaded yesterday and played through it.

FANTASTIC graphics. Looks great for a handheld game.
Gameplay is solid
The Scanner in particular seemed fun to play with

Some of the scares in the demo are pretty cheap.
Limiting how many tiimes you can play the demo sucks.
Ammo seemed very, very scarce

21-01-12, 01:44
I found RE games can be pretty scarce on health too. A while back I started RE0 (I think) on the gamecube and I got to the part where the train crashes and as soon as the FMV ends a zombie gets me within 1-2 seconds and I am not about to do the whole first part again so I need an Action Replay or semething to get me through that first couple of seconds.

21-01-12, 03:21
I'm going to download it today and check it out.
Not too thrilled about the increase in the game's price due to a larger card. I'll be waiting for the game to go down in price before I pick it up.

23-01-12, 12:41
I have this ordered already (in the UK you can get the bundle pack with the Circle Pad Pro for cheaper than the price of the standalone game, unfortunately it's only being sold by Zavvi who I vow to use only in an emergency)

Downloaded the demo as soon as it was available though (although couldn't play for a couple of hours as i was 'working')

Really liked it, lovely graphics, nice lonely atmosphere, HAS to be played with headphones

2 things you may miss:

1. Check out the options menu, there's extra levels of 3D adjustable, very strong is surprisingly playable

2. If you finish the demo and don't quit out you can do it again with a new difficulty option "Hell" So far I've only tried this once, but it completely changes the pickups and enemies and I only made it as far as about 4 rooms before i was out of ammo and died, so I'm looking forward to spending this week trying to nail that challenging bad boy