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13-01-12, 05:29
So if you haven't picked this up yet, why not? I have been eagerly awaiting this release since I heard about it many months ago and it doesn't disappoint.

I have alway dreamed of a real pinball machine with a theme based soley out of achieving high scores and getting ranked across a national system ala GoldenTee. The high scores would be displayed in the back glass of the pin showing your score soaring from the depths up past higher scores in real time while playing. So I was very happy to see someone else had the same idea, but in this virtual version (which is better than nothing) where the high scores are tracked and shown real time while playing always showing you what score you need to achieve to continue climbing the high score ladder and beating the players right ahead of you. Awesome!

The tables are great, although some are better than others. I think I like Excalibur the best followed by Earth Defense, Shaman and then Eldorado. What is your order?

I am not sure about the camera system sometimes. I think the roaming cam on games like Williams Pinball is a bit better in my opinion. But it's not to bad. Video pinball is really coming into its own and I couldn't be happier :YAHOO:

13-01-12, 05:57
See ya on the leaderboards Mike, I'm "Jumpman".

13-01-12, 06:30
Gonna grab it tonight - thanks for the reminder SoCal!

14-01-12, 08:19
Chris (and anyone else), make sure you add my friend code, so cals not putting up much of a fight on the leaderboards ;)

So glad the friends rankings work flawlessly across the two regions

14-01-12, 03:46
Sure, here is mine: 3695-0024-6776

15-01-12, 08:25
I added yours when I went through the friend codes thread, mines in there (I'm too lazy to try and copy and paste it here)

15-01-12, 07:25
Just picked it up last night - very very cool. The 3D is amazing.

19-01-12, 03:31
Just bought. My friend code is 1332 7942 2538

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22-01-12, 09:55
Here is my friend code 0817-3821-6504