View Full Version : Catrap Game Boy

08-01-12, 12:58
Anyone play Catrap on the Game Boy? I saw this appear in the Nintendo eShop but never heard of it before then but found it today at the swaps. Wow, it's a really fun game if you havent tried it.

What are some other obscure Game Boy games that are good?

09-01-12, 05:52
I remember Mercenary Force (http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/mercforce/mercforce.htm) being a great and obscure game. It was like a side scrolling shooter with rpg elements and took place in medieval japan.

09-01-12, 09:18
Anyone play Catrap on the Game Boy?

Tried it last night, it is good and I imagine the later levels cover more than one screen?

09-01-12, 11:31
Played it when I was younger and absolutely love it. This is one of the games that was a favorite of my late Grandfather. It's incredibly obscure, and I was surprised when it showed up in the eShop. Surprised me even more to find out that my wife knew of the game.

Don't know how obscure it is, but Rolan's Curse is another great Gameboy game.