View Full Version : what would you call games like R-Type and do you know any 2 player console versions?

03-01-12, 01:59
Ive played R-Type Delta for the PS1 and it is awesome...
I was wondering if anyone know any similar game that is 2 players for a retro console?

Also, what would you call this kind of game?

Thanks :)

03-01-12, 03:31
Side scrolling space shooter. Lots of rtype games around, most are single player though. Try Darius out, its fun. Einhander for ps1 is great too.

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03-01-12, 03:50
The original term for this type of game is simply a shooter (usually indicated by the direction it scrolls, such as horizontal shooter or vertical shooter.) Later this term came to be used more with First Person Shooters (FPS) so many have lately come to call games like R-Type "Shmups" (a shortening of shoot 'em up.) Some people hate the term shmup though, and still prefer shooter.

There are a lot of games that fit your criteria, and I would recommend Life Force for the NES which has two player simultaneous play. Also Stinger and Gradius for the NES are great. I am sure there will be plenty of folks that will chime in on these.

03-01-12, 10:16
I like Silkworm which is a two player version with a twist, one plays a chopper in the air and the other plays a jeep on on the ground.

04-01-12, 10:14
Firepower 2000 (US name for the SNES squeal to Silkworm.)
Darius Gaiden for the Saturn

also, this: http://www.giantbomb.com/r-type/61-13745/games_similar/

09-01-12, 12:44
Pulstar on the Neo-Geo, I have it on the PS2 Neo-Geo compilation. It is very similar to R-Type. I think it may have had some of the same developers.