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Green Bert
21-12-11, 12:40
Just though I'd introduce myself here on the Retrogaming Roundup section.
I'm another Brit, from W. Yorkshire indeed. Been listening to Retrogaming Roundup for almost a year now and have caught up with them all by now. My Video gaming started with the hand-helds; Galaxy Invader 1000, through to the cartridge consoles - Radofin Telesports. Then I owned a Commodore 64 and stayed faithfull to it for almost 10 years and didnt pick up video games again until I bought a Playstation so I have a bit of a 16-bit blind spot.
I love discovering classics that passed my by at the time and think the podcasts are great.

21-12-11, 12:42
Hey Green Bert,

So glad you have decided to comiserate in the forums. I hope you become a regular around here.

Glad you are enjoying the shows :PAC

21-12-11, 03:08
Thanks! Another marathon listener, it is always cool when someone checks out the whole back catalog, ours for sure given the amount of content.

21-12-11, 10:46
welcome in. Nice to see another brit aboard !

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03-01-12, 09:34
When I finished the whole back catalog about a month ago it was a bit of a letdown. I must have been expecting a happy ending from SoCal or something.