View Full Version : Epyx fast load Holy crap!

27-11-11, 09:14
So I was finally successful in writing some c64 images (thanks Scott for the tips on cables) and I decided to test out the Epyx fast load cart. The load time for Bruce lee went from 2 minutes and 43 seconds to just 43 seconds! Amazing!!

30-11-11, 12:23
Yeah, that was a pretty darned useful little cart. I'd say if you're going to play anything on a real C64/1541, it's a must have. My friends and I were very lucky. We all had C64s and one of us was a budding electrical engineer. He wired in a reset button onto the carts so we left the cart plugged in all the time. I never found anything that didn't work with a Fast Load.

Gordon Bennett
30-11-11, 02:02
I used lo load a fastloader from disc before loading games. It usually worked quite well, although for some reason it had an issue with one game. A gama I happened to like quite a lot at the time. Zeppelin.


Loading the game with the speedloader always caused the disc drive to thrash around quite a bit. I did throw mine out of alignment once and I do believe this was the game that did it. Aside from that it did work a treat.

30-11-11, 02:33
Interesting. Also interesting: I have never heard of Zeppelin until this moment!