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24-11-11, 01:06

Our longest ever show comes out in time for the Thanksgiving break.

So what else would you be doing with your time other than stuffing an old bird?

It is up on our site now and will hit iTunes tomorrow.

Editorial: The Game Room Pt3 - (00:00)
Hardware Flashback - (10:50)
Retro Regurge - (31:13)
Guinness Gaming Records - (44:23)
Wes Johnson & Matthew Mercer Interview - (46:57)
Top Ten Gameboy Colour Games - (132:23)
Gaming Trivia - (282:06)
Atar-Rewind - (283:01)
MAGFest Interview - (297:21)
Live News And Listener Views - (320:49)
Oxygene 4 (Jean Michel Jarre) - (458:47)
URLs And EMails - (462:12)

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24-11-11, 01:34
I cant wait to listen to this weeks top ten. I'll load it up while I'm cooking dinner. The Gameboy Color did so much with so little its really surprising.

24-11-11, 03:01
I hope you all like the Wes/Matt interview, that was a really fun one to do. Lets just hope that Wes can manage not to knock over my beverage this year.

Mr Johnson
25-11-11, 01:46
Thanks guys! Looking forward to listening while I play Skyrim. I can't seem to put that damn game down!

25-11-11, 05:13

25-11-11, 08:34
Awesome podcast as always! Wow this was a long one! To make up for the Control V fiasco I hunted and found the second easter egg on the RGR site. Good stuff has anyone else found it? It's good to hear from old Flare again he hasn't been posting much lately. Happy Turkey day everyone. I will dream of eating turkey here in Kimchi-land!

26-11-11, 05:39
Marcia. Marcia. Marcia.
Great little musical interlude.
I remember watching that episode.
Ha Ha Ha the fashions they wore at that time.

All Your Base
30-11-11, 12:00
Best comment of the podcast was in response to the Pokemon themed sanitary products.

"Does it catch it all?"


30-11-11, 12:07
Is this the longest episode? Nearly eight hours.

30-11-11, 12:09
5 hours alone for Top Ten and News! Holey Moley indeed.

30-11-11, 03:15
I got to the part last night where Scott was telling us all how much of a game endurance lightweight he is, lots of memories came flooding back of a summer I spent QA'ing New International Track & Field on the DS. 8-16 hours a day, 7 days a week of hardcore stylus scrubbing, we wouldn't have noticed the gradual change but i bet the before and after photos look like we'd all locked ourselves away for 4 months of knuckle shuffling.

I was glad I wasn't out in public when So-Cal started interrupting with his Mic-checks cos I was creased up giggling

01-12-11, 08:34
I was happy to hear my iTunes review during the news, you almost missed it.

01-12-11, 08:46
I was glad I wasn't out in public when So-Cal started interrupting with his Mic-checks cos I was creased up giggling

Hello ... Hello ... Hello ...

01-12-11, 09:11
The great interrupter, that's our boy.

02-12-11, 02:42
The great interrupter, that's our boy.

Did you type that or paste it?

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