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09-11-11, 04:55
I have been looking for another C64 since I sold mine many years ago. I grew up with the C64 and after listening to the show I really have been wanting to revisit some great C64 games and maybe even write some code too! I know my dad and I will have a blast playing with it just like in the good old days.

I came across a Craigslist ad with a commodore monitor for sale for $25 and I turned out that they had a system too. So here's what I found

A C64 Boxed with the manual! this thing was packed in tight, I don't think it's hardly been used if at all. You can still feel resistance of the keys like you are breaking a very thin seal as if they were brand new when you press them!

Monitor and 1541-ii drive too for only $60!! (the monitor color fades to B&W though is that a monitor capacitor? Can someone point me in the direction of troubleshooting which cap it could be?)











09-11-11, 04:57
I just noticed that the picture of the system on the side of the box with the barcode is actually different (the logo in the upper right hand corner in the picture is not on my system) is this a picture of the euro version?

09-11-11, 05:07
Not sure about your question, but that printer interface is something that I have not seen in a long time. That company made some very nice and expensive upgrades for the C64. They even made a hard drive that could serve 16 C64s, I always wanted one of those.

09-11-11, 05:26
Awesome! I Thought the printer card was a good find :) still looking for a cheaper way to get games onto it. Mmc64 is sold out and everything else seems to be more than 100 bucks.

09-11-11, 05:49

You can buy them or make them cheap, then you can write disk images from a regular PC to the C64 drive at will.

09-11-11, 03:51
Awesome, I'll have to order up a cable!

Gordon Bennett
11-11-11, 02:15
I'm not entirely certain, but I believe the variant pictured on the side of the box is an earlier model C64 from 1982 or 1983.