View Full Version : A couple of thoughts on the Questions segment....

05-11-11, 08:05
I'm really enjoying the 20 Questions segment. It's fun. Probably the best part is when the device gets the right answer and SoCal goes ballistic. It's funny as heck!

Anyway, I had a couple of ideas I thought I'd just float out there.

First, why not ask the chat room for an idea or two on the subject for the device?

Second, if you do that, perhaps if the listener beats the 20 Questions device, the listener would get that 20 Questions device as a prize. That way, it'll force you guys to rotate them out and get updated versions. (I thought it would be extra cool to have the 20Q device signed by the cast, but that doesn't seem logistically possible.)

Also: I think it's fairly easy to win, at least it used to be. It never seemed to get concepts easily. For instance, I don't know that it would get "malaise/depression" or Keynesian Economics. So, you can keep those in your back pocket for when it gets too cocky.

05-11-11, 10:47
We do take suggestions from the chat room, and we often do 2 or 3 each time but they don't all go into the show, I usually pick the best one.

As for giving it away each time, I think we need the donations to step up a level or two first or SoCal will go bankrupt. He already bought shares in the postal service.