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03-11-11, 10:59
So who here is actively collecting for their Commodore 64? I have been on a rampage trying to get as many C64 cartridges as I can and have added quite a few in the past few months. Some rare ones too!

I also have a Magic Voice which was a swap meet find many years ago, never got rid of it and now I understand they are quite rare and at near the top of the list of things hard core C64 collectors want.

I will post a pic of all my cartridges shortly. A few carts I am really trying to find are Lode Runner, Serpentine, Pastfinder and Sword of Fargoal (was this in cartridge form?).

04-11-11, 06:35
I started a long time ago but havent picked anything up in a long time. Carts wern't all that common in the UK back in the day, so there really wasnt much availability in the wild, only via auction sites. Probably should get back into it at some point. I collected Vic-20 carts for a long time and amassed quite a nice collection of those.

05-11-11, 06:44
I've got a small C64 collection, but I haven't actively sought much of it out. I usually just pick them up as I find them. I've got a cart for speech called The Voice Messenger - Speech 64 by Currah. I'm guessing that the one you have must be different. You can check out my collection and if there are any carts I have that you are specifically looking for just PM me.