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30-10-11, 02:51
Thanks to the topic of the Oct show I finally got a video up.....


30-10-11, 05:01
Very nice indeed scott!

30-10-11, 08:04
Enjoyed it!!!

30-10-11, 10:04
If I'm able to make it to the next arcade party, I'll bring along my video camera and see if we can get some crisper pictures to put up on the site. I've got a Panasonic HDC-TM700, and this thing will do 14.2MP still shots and records video in HD. That's such a fantastic setup you have! I can't wait to have my own house with a basement so I can set up my consoles and make room for a few arcade machines. Hearing the recent segments about home arcades have really been some food for thought.

Your Ice Cold Beer is different from the one that Pinball Wizard has. I believe there's is a smaller version, but it's just as addicting.

30-10-11, 10:20
There are two types, the original Taito which was marketed also as Zeke's Peak for "family" locations. And ICE produced Ice Cold Beer again with essentially the same size playfield but with a much taller cab and that big mug of beer marquee. Room for a ticket dispenser and bill acceptor was added as well.

Video was OK when shot but Youtube and FLV really downgrades it.

31-10-11, 09:21
Wow - are you insured for that? That stuff is probably worth as much as your house!

01-11-11, 07:14
Insuring old video games is kinda tough from my experience. Its all "old" and not usually recognized as "collectibles" or "antiques" by most insurance companies. Also kinda hard to get a valuation on this stuff, especially for consoles, home computers etc. Would like to know if other people have different experiences?

01-11-11, 08:56
That's a thing of beauty (almost brings tears to your eyes).

Those machines are lucky to have someone like you as their caretaker, Scott.


02-11-11, 02:30
Thanks for the video! I've been curious to see your home arcade ever since I started listening to the show.
It looks like a great place!

02-11-11, 02:42
Nice job Scott, loved the video, would love to check it out in person sometime!

03-11-11, 10:15
Yah thanks for that Scott. Great job.

07-12-11, 03:17
Has anyone topped my score on your Galaga machine yet?