View Full Version : What is the best way to play Wasteland?

20-10-11, 03:22
I've never played it, but its at the top of my list of classic games that I want to play. I'm familiar with all kinds of emulators and I know you can get a DOS copy at Abandonia, but what version of the game would be the most fun for someone who has never played it before?

This question is inspired by the existence of XU4 which is a modern redo of Ultima 4. If something like XU4 exists for Wasteland, that would be cool.


Byte Knight
20-10-11, 04:55
What is the best way to play Wasteland?
Wasted, of course!

Gordon Bennett
20-10-11, 07:20
I would choose the DOS version, mainly to avoid disk swapping by playing from the hard drive. The EGA graphics are also a bit nicer than the Apple and C64 versions.

On the other hand, if you do play from C64 or Apple on discs, you can exploit a bug using two sets of savegames to duplicate items when you find them in the game.

21-10-11, 12:11
I figured the DOS version might make my life easier, but it would also prevent me from using Save States which could be nice. If there are any heavy c64 users reading this post who know of a working .d81 version of Wasteland please let me know.

26-10-11, 12:28
I just got the Apple II version and it has a paragraph booklet for most of the text in the game, this would make it hard to play emulated.

20-04-15, 09:56
There is a version of the classic game on STEAM which I purchased more than a few years ago now. It is pretty good and opens the manual descriptions for you when you click on them (instead of having to flip to page XX)