View Full Version : My local arcade in Gobles, Michigan

Mr Johnson
15-10-11, 03:45
Fairly good lineup of games:

$5 plays all day

15-10-11, 06:26
Not a bad selection, I would love to see something like that near where I live.

Mr Johnson
15-10-11, 07:49
I'm there now, he has 3 or 4 new pins. I really like the Addams Family. Great place!

Fortunately he's replacing redemption machines with pins!

Mr Johnson
16-10-11, 04:29
Well I played Addams Family for about 2 hours ;^) I also liked Silverball Mania. I've been to this arcade a dozen times and maybe played three games of pinball and just didn't like it, but Scott you converted me. I never gave it a chance untill now and I think I love it. Thanks for opening my mind Scott.

I guess I just never undertstood the depth of play involved, once I did, it pulled me in.

Mr Johnson
23-10-11, 11:42

About 1/4 of the arcade. There were a ew people on the pinballmachines just before I took this pic BTW.

24-10-11, 03:46
There were a ew people

What do you mean? Like people who haven't bathed in a while?

Mr Johnson
24-10-11, 10:11
:^) Stupid sticky keys and lack of proof reading!