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10-10-11, 04:27
One of the Doctors at work found out that I am a computer nerd/retro gamer nd offered to give me his Apple II complete with monitor, disk drive, and 100 disks (he is going to see if he has the other 200 disks at home and manuals!) (Now I don't have to wait for a commodore 64 to play Zork) Here are some pics :)


Take that commodore, it's 64K! Just kidding I will get a C64 too soon :)


^This is the Keyboard Encoder I am fixing. Luckly I found the encoder chip on ebay :) and a big thanks to Mike Willegal at http://willegal.net/


10-10-11, 04:44
That was nice of him. It looks awesome.

10-10-11, 04:53
It is too awesome, I am so excited to get the keyboard working and to get the other disks. I was reading up on the apple ii before I got it from him and I was crossing my fingers hoping it would have the language card installed and when I saw the 64k come up when it booted and you'd think I just scored like 16 gigs of ram or something my wife was laughing at how I was excited over 64k.

I'm still in awe that I have one of these awesome machines at my house now. Although it's KILLING me not to be able to type. Somehow the monochrome green screen just beckons for you to type something in. These old school dos prompts just give you the feeling that you can make the computer do anything or take you anywhere (or maybe I just watched wargames one time too many) but it makes me feel like I've got some low level hardline interface right into the heart of the cpu just because it's so pure and simple and direct.

anyway enough rambling, I will post more pics when I have it fixed and when I get more disks or manuals.

11-10-11, 04:10
You going to set up an AE line I hope...?

11-10-11, 05:01
Ok I am completely new to the apple ii ;) what is an AE line?

13-10-11, 02:50
ASCII Express (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCII_Express), an old, old BBS program for Apple ][ series.

13-10-11, 02:59
ASCII Express (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCII_Express), an old, old BBS program for Apple ][ series.

Awesome, Is anyone still running any BBS servers? I don't have a modem though :(

13-10-11, 04:21
Eh, it'd probably be easier to get a network adapter for those old computers and use that to connect to a BBS. I've heard of people doing it with the C64 anyway.

13-10-11, 12:07
Great score - it's always fun to be given stuff like that free. Hopefully there are a lot of games among those 100 disks!

13-10-11, 12:38
You can easily add a network card to the Apple II, and there are BBS still active too!


15-10-11, 11:07
The uthernet card is currently sold out :(

There are lots of games in the cases of disks though :)