View Full Version : 1st Party Previews Hit Nintendo eShop

06-10-11, 03:38
Well, Nintendo is finally showing off a ton of 1st party titles as short downloadable movie previews which hit today in the Nintendo eShop. You can finally see more of Luigi's Mansion 2, MarioKart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Animal Crossing, Paper Mario and Mario Tennis.

I think these titles, hopefully, along with a reinvigorated 3rd party offering, will put the 3DS back on the map. These 1st party titles all look breathtakingly amazing and will all be no-brainer purchases for me.

06-10-11, 07:56
Good for Nintendo. They should bring their marketing into the present age with some demos too.
I think the Gaming media rushed to write the 3DS off. I checked the vgchartz numbers today and they have the 3DS at over 5.2 million and remember with no Xmas period yet. Yes I know vgchartz is not the most accurate place for sales figures but how off can they be?