View Full Version : Checking in from Richmond, Va

30-09-11, 03:02
Hello all. I guess I have been listening to the show for almost a year. I talked with Scott briefly at MAGFest last year. I was stoked he brought the RFM(UK is now frowning due to my usage of pinball abbreviation). I loaned the event one of my favorites, Atari 720. Anyway, I started out as a kid on the C64. Played lots of Zaxxon among many others on it. The local Showbiz Pizza and mall arcade were also places I was fond of. Eventually skateboarding and later music absorbed all my time. I got into collecting old home consoles in my early 20's. Atari, Coleco, INTV, and anything else up to the NES. I had about 400 2600 games at one point. From my mid 20's till now I have been collecting Arcade and pinball machines. I still ride my skateboard and write/play/record music.

30-09-11, 03:39
Oh man you just missed an epic party up the road at my place, 50 min N of Richmond. Are you doing MAGFEST this year?

01-10-11, 03:47
That's a bummer. I'll have to catch the next one! I think I am probably going to MAGFest this year. I don't know if I am going to bring any games though.