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29-09-11, 01:58
As a Terminator series fan I wanted to play through Terminator 3War of the Machines on PC. And I friggin hate software, I bought a copy and installed it. It installed but once you get to the main menu to start a game for single player it loads to the respawn window where you choose your character etc. and when you click start you get a dull bong but the game does not play. Maybe I am doing something wrong, maybe it needs a mod, maybe it is not compatible with a modern PC? I don't know but if you can figure it out and give me a fix I have a 2600 cart autographed by David Crane for you.

29-09-11, 02:25
A few ideas...

First try this patch: http://www.gamershell.com/download_5491.shtml

Next, try running in compatibility mode. Right click the shortcut or .exe, click on properties, click on compatibility, check on Run This Program in Compatibility Mode, and make sure the dropbox is set on Windows XP. While you're in there, check the Run This Program as Administrator box.

If that doesn't work, uninstall the game. Repeat the previous steps on the installation .exe on the disc. Than do it again for the installed game exe once it has installed.

Now, if all that doesn't do it, you may be looking at running a dual-boot setup (lots of work), running the game in a Virtual Machine (lots of work, and chances are it'll adversely affect performance), or finding an older XP era machine that'll run it.

29-09-11, 02:34
I did the patch, and after that when I try to launch T3 it asks me to insert the T3 CD, which is in the drive, and I get a bong and the please insert the T3 CD when I click on OK. So now the game won't even launch.

29-09-11, 02:56
Gotta love old-school pirate protection. I hate it.

Try this: http://www.gameburnworld.com/dl/dl.php?file=Terminator3WarOfTheMachinesv1.16Fixede xeEng.rar swap out your .exe with this one.

Let me know what that results in. It took me forever to get some of my old Star Trek games to work. I know Starfleet Academy 2 in particular was a real pain.

If that don't work, either reply back here or I can give you my phone number to try to help you over the phone.

EDIT: Hope that got it working. Heading to bed now. Be sure if its working tell us if the game is any good or not. I've never heard of this game before you brought it up.

29-09-11, 12:28
If you want a quick fix just download this pirated version here. You just have to grab the rapid share links and download the three parts of a rar file. It takes about 10 minutes to get all of the parts and then unrar them. It works great for me on my Windows 7 64 bit PC. Looks like a fun game I'll have to play it a bit.

29-09-11, 01:01
I will continue on this when I get home tonight, the catch is I have a legit disk with a legit number that came from a sealed package. The game seems to be looking for a server connection (which is of course long gone) but I can't be sure. But for single player, come on.....

29-09-11, 01:40
Then you will have no choice but to get the pirated version. It works fine on my computer. Since you own the original disc it's not technically piracy. I've heard from several game reviewers that because of drm they have to pirate games just to review them.

30-09-11, 01:09

Sorry, I had to.

30-09-11, 02:38
Sadly reminds me of many Amiga games.
I owned the disk, but the copy protection was such a hindrance I got the cracked version.
Big top Freddie was the WORST!
I.E. Page 15, 27th word in... Sadly I simply just could not stand (or get it right) this type of protection.