View Full Version : Zelda: Four Swords FREE on Nintendo eShop NOW!

29-09-11, 12:54
Not sure how long its gonna be free since the stuff says limited time only. If you have a 3DS or DSi, go get it!

29-09-11, 01:26
Sweet! Just DL's on my wife's and my 3DS. Never played this one. Thanks for the notice.

29-09-11, 08:12
I think it is until Feb 2012, and also, Super Mario Land 2 : 6 Golden Coins is coming for free.

29-09-11, 08:51
Can’t wait to give this a go, as I haven’t exactly been playing my 3DS much since I finished Ocarina of Time. Four Swords Adventures was a great game and it was a pity more people didn’t experience it. Nintendo seemingly don’t want my money any more. This makes the 13th and 14th free games they will have given out (if you include the Pokemon 3D app thing).

29-09-11, 09:39
I've got 1 3DS, 1 regular DS and 1 DS lite. Unfortunately I won't be able to play the game with my wife until we get a DSi or another 3DS. Been playing it solo, and have been enjoying it so far. Hadn't heard about Mario Land 2 being giving out for free, but that's another great game.
I'm really hoping they release Rolan's Curse 1 and 2, and a very unknown puzzle game called Catrap.

30-09-11, 01:34
Super Mario Land 2 didn't seem to be free when I checked last night.

30-09-11, 02:58
Hmm, maybe I misread it but I got it on a news feed.

It is there in the UK shop too but not free.

02-10-11, 02:38
Ah well. I've been sinking many hours in Ocarina of Time here lately.