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27-09-11, 10:46
The biggest, baddest podcast is here again with the September episode in all its text based glory.

Editorial: The Game Room Part 1 - (00:00)
Hardware Flashback - (20:13)
Guinness Gaming Records - (36:39)
StarCade Magazine Article - (38:16)
Geoff Edwards Interview Part 1 - (44:01)
Tribute to Bill Kunkel, The Game Doctor - (104:20)
Top Ten Text Adventures - (114:59)
Gaming Trivia - (245:09)
Retro Regurge - (246:00)
The British Hour - (252:07)
Live News And Listener Views - (266:00)
20 Questions - (392:19)
Pirate (Combat Dave) - (405:54)
URLs And EMails - (411:18)

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28-09-11, 10:57
Ah nice!
I'm looking forward to the Starcade/Geoff Edwards bit, I like that show.
And the rest of course, the top ten text adventures immediately caught my eye.
[Downloading it]

28-09-11, 04:52
Downloaded last night. Good show so far. Neighbors were blaring a movie, so I countered with the new podcast. We had a war to see who had the louder system. No cops arrived, so I guess we both lost.

28-09-11, 06:55
SoCal where is your video about your game room?

28-09-11, 07:19
On our videos page:


but there is also a link in the shownotes page:


28-09-11, 10:45
Keep up the great work! In the long interviews I enjoy how you let the guest tell stories beyond their video game life. Whether it's Ted Dabney talking about working at Ampex or Geoff Edwards' prior radio and TV experience, it makes the person seem like more than just a snapshot.

Also: UK, great job on the British Hour segment. You officially know more about Wisconsin than 99% of the people who live here. Thanks for not making us a "fly-over" state.

29-09-11, 01:03
Nice collection SaCal! My game room pales in comparison, but I also don't have the room you have.

I also don't live in that wonderland of game availability though, lol. Its not as awesome in the used market here in Indiana, though I make my finds every once in a while.

29-09-11, 01:59
Don't forget he lives in a wonderland of availability and pricing.

And of course, his game room is bitchin!

29-09-11, 09:48
Haven't finished the top 10 yet, but just about to sit down to some gaming and finish off the show. I might just check out some of those text adventure games. The closest I got to the Zork series was Return to Zork.

Wow, Geoff is a great guy! Love that he's still gaming to this day. Kind of reminds me of my grandfather, who would do the crossword every morning and had his on Gameboy and SNES.

30-09-11, 05:38
I'm very glad I suggested in the August News Chat that you guys interview Geoff Edwards. :) I loved part one of the interview! Great job guys! I'm looking forward to part two.

And Frank Caliendo impersonating Al Pacino talking about Donkey Kong always makes me laugh. :D

30-09-11, 09:25
Joust - "You play the part of this mythical duck......"

30-09-11, 03:59
"That's what makes Dig Dug FUN!"

01-10-11, 03:52
I loved Starcade!! I first saw the show on TBS back in the early 80's during the first syndicated run, after my parents got satellite TV. Not the tiny dishes of today, but the old 10 foot C-Band dishes, back when EVERYTHING was unscrambled.

Anyhow. It wasn't until the about two decades later at the turn of the century when I saw Starcade again being broadcast on G4 TV. It was being broadcast one hour before I got home from work. BUMMER!! Before long, I had my VCR (you heard me...) set to record the episodes. Now I think I got all the episodes. My son and I recently had a Starcade marathon of our own from watching the old tapes.

Unfortunately, tapes degrade. I think the episodes on the starcade.tv website are much better quality than the ones I have. I hope they put all episodes online eventually.

02-10-11, 02:12
I never heard of Starcade until I saw it mentioned on the forums here (the link to the .tv-website that is). I enjoy watching the show online, and at the same time playing the games on MAME to see if I would have beaten the scores of the contestants.
Indeed, I'd like to see more episodes online.

02-10-11, 05:22
Great show guys! I gotta check out this starcade show.

02-10-11, 07:02
Oh lol and about the price I was going to give out. I double checked it, and the person who sent the copy to me sent a horribly scratched up one. Instead of getting a replacement, they're just refunding my money on it. I would of felt bad if I had remembered to give the prize away. It wouldn't run in my system :p

03-10-11, 08:13
Great show guys, just finished the topten. Not sure I played any of those game in the day, but was still in interested listen.

04-10-11, 02:27
Hey guys what 20 questions software do you use??!?!?!?!?

05-10-11, 02:01
A few quick notes as I am new around these parts. Interview with Mr. Edwards was cool. UK's American impersonations are a riot. Who the hell was that guy doing the game rants, DK and such? That shit was pretty hilarious.

05-10-11, 08:55
Who the hell was that guy doing the game rants, DK and such? That shit was pretty hilarious.

A guy called Frank Caliendo, the clip was submitted to me by Chewchilla.

05-10-11, 11:59
Another great Podcast guys. Jeff Edwards was a far more interesting interview subject than I thought he'd be.

Glad I could once again join you for live news. I just wanted to mention that one of my news submissions that made the shownotes page but wasn't mentioned in the podcast really needs to be watched. It's so wrong, but that's what makes it so funny. Real life crackheads - shown as if they're a part of a retro video game, with scoring, etc. Lot's of cool retro game sound effects accompany all the "action" as well.

Here's the direct link if anyone missed it:

Looking forward to Roundup 40 and beyond...

06-10-11, 01:48
We hate it when we miss something, the news can be challenging in that we try to skip multiple submissions yet give credit to all who submitted it, and sometimes we mistake something as being a multiple submission, and sometimes we goof when a user submits multiple articles and we though we did one already. Thanks for catching it!

07-10-11, 05:41
No worries Scott. It's not like the submission I sent will change the world or anything. I just figured it's probably the type of thing that would go over well with you 3 and the listeners. Tasteless humor with a connection to retro gaming!

My WHAT game!?

09-10-11, 05:26
A great pod cast as usual guys. It always amazes me how you keep putting out such consistently good shows.

The editorial and hardware flashback were great. SoCal I love both your game room videos on the RGR website. I do have one quick question and that is what happened to your pinball tables? They looked cool in your previous video yet in the latest video they are no where to be seen.

The Geoff Edwards interview was cool too. One of the great things about the pod cast is that you aren’t afraid to go off topic. It was the US space program last month and the shooting of JFK this month. Not to mention the perception of Margret Thatcher in the US you talked about in the top ten.

I’ve just finished listening to the top ten and really enjoyed that too. I’m going to have to look up some of the games you mentioned. I played ‘The Hobbit’ back then but none of those actually in the top ten. I remember I used to get very frustrated by a lot of text adventures as I’d quickly reach a point where I couldn’t get any further. Mostly as there been some item 50 moves back I hadn’t picked up or I couldn’t work out what obscure phrase the game wanted me to type in.

Thanks again for another great show.

09-10-11, 08:40
Hey guys what 20 questions software do you use??!?!?!?!?

They use an actual 20 questions electronic game. I believe it might be the 20Q Challenge.

11-10-11, 01:43
I hate to say it, but it's been several months since I've listened to the podcast. Tonight I had a chance to listen to the Starcade article and part of the Geoff Edwards interview (very cool so far), and realized that - completely by coincidence - I was wearing my Starcade t-shirt.

11-10-11, 03:16
Every time I see the title of this months podcast, I just start singing in my head.....

Dirty Mikes......Done Dirt Cheap!

11-10-11, 10:55
I'm still laughing that after all these episodes - that you fixed SoCal Mike with background noise and Skype.
Another great episode guys.

12-10-11, 10:22
Great show again guys. I liked the top 10 in particular.

I don't think I finished a single text adventure but I sure did start a bunch of them.

Can you give a link to the actual model 20Q you use? I have to get one, that was HILARIOUS listening to you lot laughing so hard when it got it.

13-10-11, 02:43
Still working thorough this month's ep. A few quick thoughts:

1. The Geoff Edwards interview was amazing.
2. Denis Through the Drinking Glass sounds HILARIOUS. There's a video of someone playing it on a Speccy.
3. Love the Retro Regurge.


13-10-11, 09:55
Hey, I'm at work at the moment, but I just finished listening to this episode... Who created the chiptune song at the end? That sounded amazing! Great way to wrap up my workday hearing that!

14-10-11, 06:06
I'm still laughing at the "spite shit".

14-10-11, 10:14
Hey, I'm at work at the moment, but I just finished listening to this episode... Who created the chiptune song at the end? That sounded amazing! Great way to wrap up my workday hearing that!

All the info for the episodes are on the shownotes pages but that one was a track called Pirate by somebody known as Combat Dave. All the current batch of tunes are from the Hand Baked Arcade CD called Button Down that we gave away as a prize recently. We interviewed Tom Humphrey, the guy who runs that and if you want a copy you can get one at http://www.handbakedarcade.co.uk/index2.html

14-10-11, 02:56
Must have gone up after I went to work. Oh well, looks like I have something to do Monday :)

EDIT: Maybe I should check which episode is current before posting to the thread. Eagerly awaiting the next episode.

Chuck D. Head
19-10-11, 12:41
Wow, I learned something today: Frank Caliendo is much funnier when you don't know it's Frank Caliendo.

19-10-11, 04:15
Who was he doing when he was talking about Joust?