View Full Version : Using SD cards on the Amiga

14-09-11, 08:23
Ok, I have an Amiga 2000 here up and running, and I know that it's possible to interface an SD cardreader to the Ami somehow. Anyone know the cheapest and easiest way possible? Anyone doing this?

09-10-11, 09:53
This might not be any use, as I never touched an Amiga 2000.
But I do use 'Compact Flash' Cards on my Amiga 600, via a CF PCMCIA Adapter and it works sweet. It comes with some drivers and easy to do.
Again, not exactly what you were asking about (actual nothing like it :) ) but thought it might be useful.

09-10-11, 11:17
The 600 and the 1200 come with a PCMCIA slot and it's really easy to find a PC card with the relevant drivers. You can also connect a CF drive internally on the 1200 on it's IDE port (instead of a regular HD).
For the 2000 you should look for a card with an IDE connector like this one
and then any CF card reader, there plenty on ebay, would do the trick.