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03-09-11, 04:09
Hi all,
Iv been listening to the show since all the way back in mid 2009 and I thought it was about time I got off my ass and started contributing to these forums.

My name is Christian Meath and i was born in 1988 in Melbourne, Australia where I still reside. Being a 22 year old I totally missed the arcade heyday :-(
and missed a lot of the 80's classics first time round.
My first memories playing games was on our family's 2600, I distinctly remember Pitfall and Space Invaders even at the early age of 3-4.

My next console would be the beloved Sega Master System, this thing was huge in Australia, I dont remember anyone having NES back in the day but names like Alex Kidd and Wonder Boy were house hold names!! Some of my fondess memories of this time was going to my cosins house and playing his SNES, DKC2 was the game of choice and is still a massive favorite today. :DKC

The next thing our family got was the Playstation, when I first saw this thing i couldn't believe how many buttons the controller had, I kept comparing it to the SMS which only two, as a 10 year old I grew up playing games like Tekken 2 and Hart Of Darkness (great game by the way).

Flash forward to 2003 when I bought my first console with the pocket money I had saved up, the Playstation 2. Also around this time I was first introduced to emulators at school, I started playing the classics I had missed and the flood gates had opened.

Retro had now become much more appealing to me than modern gaming, people were playing their generic FPS number 297 while I was saving the princess and spindashing my way through loops.

I now boast a healthy console and video game collection and live retro everyday, I love learning the history of where things have came to where they are today, I am constantly finding new favorite games that I have never seen nor heard of before (namily due to the great information from this podcast:JST) there is a massive back catologe for me to catch up on lol.

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed my little story, keep up the good work guys!!!!

04-09-11, 01:33
G'Day, How you going?

The good news is that you hail from my favourite Australian City, but don't tell anybody because there is a warrant for my arrest there. Something to do with a minor issue of driving on a toll road and not having a permit.

What do they expect if they put a piece of tarmac that goes from where I am to where I want to be? Great Galahs!

I do recall the wooden roller coaster at Luna Park being the most uncomfortable I've ever ridden.

Good to have you aboard and contributing.

04-09-11, 01:57
I love your frame of mind, glad so see you jump into the community. It is refreshing, as always, to see someone who looks for the origin and heritage of things.

04-09-11, 02:32
Welcome to the RGRU/GG Forums. Glad to have you as a listener. Wait, you were born the year I graduated from high school. lol. Glad we are entertaining the "younger" crowd. I hope you stick around and become a regular here :)

04-09-11, 05:31
I do recall the wooden roller coaster at Luna Park being the most uncomfortable I've ever ridden.

Haha, I hear that, I went there about a month ago, Luna Park ain't no Disney Land. :-)