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01-09-11, 04:21
Hello, I've been hanging around on the UK retro gamer magazine forums for a few years now, but have only just recently discovered the excellent 5 hour nerd trip that is the RetroGaming Roundup podcast.

I am the kind gentleman that sent a (somewhat battered) Donkey Kong Game & Watch to UKmike (although I've not heard my mention in the latest show yet, so for all I know he could be slagging me off, and now i'll regret revealing myself ;-) )

Regarding my gaming credentials, I can't promise to have a vast knowledge of the great 8bit microcomputer era as fortunately I'm young enough that I was still pretty young back then, but I have found that I've never grown out of enjoying older games, and I think the SNES is my peak for a fine combination of Gameplay, graphics, sound and control.

Right, i think that's enough about me for now...any questions?

01-09-11, 05:33
Hey Random_Dave,

Great to have you as a listener and now forum dweller :) UK did mention to us, and I think somewhere in this month's show that someone was sending him the DK G&W. I know he has been looking for one for a long time so I am sure he will mention it and your goodwill. Thanks again and hope to see you a regular around here.

01-09-11, 10:01
...any questions?

Yes, you used sunny and Sheffield in the same sentence. That's funny. Why would you do that?

As for the Game n Watch, I did indeed receive it and I have to say it is as good as I remembered it. Just great to have one of these things again, even though I'm not a collector as you know, certain things are just too good not to own them.

We should send Dave some gaming goodness.

Sunny and Sheffield. That's great.

02-09-11, 01:01
That G&W was a big deal to UK, thanks for being so cool.

05-09-11, 01:17
It's not a problem, I was given it after finding it in someones house and they found me in a corner sat playing it and hadn't moved for 15 minutes, and they were like "that old thing, you might as well have that, here, i've got this Gold Cliff or something one you can have too"

bugger me that was a bloody long time ago, when i was still in school.

Anyway, with my job I'm always being given all sorts of gaming goodies, so i like to give back and pass on the love as often as I can (most stuff this year has been filling a big box for the Lucky Dip at R3play

(this in no way negates UK's offer of sending me gaming goodness though ;) )

Also, Sheffield IS sunny, at least it has been until today