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22-08-11, 02:33
Hey All,

Just spent an hour or so looking at the PS Vita's "launch window" titles and I must say that I am having some incredible buyers remorse after buying a 3ds(at launch btw...sucker printed on my forehead). At present, I have 2 games my 3ds library, Street Fighter and Ocarina......re-releases (I have traded away Steel Diver and Pilotwings as they seemed to be tech demos and not actual games). Not a single game out right now appeals to me and the games slated for the holiday season are.....meh at best. Mario, Mario Kart, Starfox 64(another re-release). Come on.....Really. Ok, Kid Icarus, a game that should have gotten a proper sequel 20 years ago (and the controls/on rails are not exactly doing it for me).

And, don't forget.....early adopters just got screwed after a 70 dollar price drop. But what about the AMBASSADOR program? Well LA DE Frikken DA!!!! First off, the games that we're getting for free are virtual console titles, many of which Nintendo fans have already, possibly in several re-released formats(which are better played on their original hardware). As far as I can tell, none of them are going to have 3D visuals. What the hell is that about? Why play them on the 3DS then? BTW, thousands of people were able to take advantage of retail price drops before the Ambassador program window closed. Now, I know, this is the price we pay for early adoption...they didn't have to give us anything...bla, bla, bla.

The truth is, all of us have probably seen price drops on systems that we bought at launch. That's the game we all play (pun intended). Its just that whether its PS3, 360, Dreamcast, PS2, Gameboy, etc, etc, etc, by the time the price drops, you, as the console gamer, have already had fun and compelling experiences that were worth the time and the extra cash. I say again.. I have 2 games for this system that are re-releases, and thus no such sense of satisfaction that comes with early adoption (and why I feel that we early adopters got screwed).

Since the 1980's I have loved Nintendo, from their arcade machines (some of which I own or have owned in my home) to the NES, SNES, Gameboy , and right on down the line. I look across the Atlantic at the release of Xenoblade for the Wii while Nintendo's answer is that they'll be releasing a great Kirby "experience" in N.A. instead. I look cynically at the 3DS as an updated DS meant to stop piracy and pad their fiscal year's profits. I see no innovation in actual games or gameplay although Nintendo has brilliantly marketed itself as "the last bastion of gaming innovation" with touchscreen, 3D, motion, etc. As I write this incredible long winded rant (which I apologize for its length btw) I am coming to the realization that I am just not onboard with it anymore. I kinda feel bad, as if I'm turning my back on an old friend but i think I'm done. Its time for Nintendo to actually earn my loyalty....and importantly, my money. They're just not doing that now. Sorry Nintendo...its not me...its you.

Thanks for letting me use the soap box.



22-08-11, 01:15
Makes me glad I'm not wasting my time with another Mario/Zelda/Metroid playing device. heh

26-08-11, 09:42
I completely disagree with a lot of what you said, but there doesn't seem to be much sense in counterpointing. The negatives and conspiracy theories people throw at Nintendo (or any company in general) have a habit of sticking more with the consumer, because they'd rather place the blame on someone else.

26-01-12, 08:43
This forum area says "Discuss the best of today's gaming" but I hope we can also discuss the worst of today's gaming.

I had my 3DS stolen during a break in and I emailed Nintendo to find out how to transfer my eShop purchases and credit to my new console when I get it.

Here is their response. In case you can't be bothered reading it, it translates as F**k you!

Thank you for your email.

Your Nintendo eShop account (including Ambassador titles) is tied to the console itself so if the console has been lost, stolen or has been replaced by the retailer then transfer is not possible.

Please note that this cannot be performed with the use of just an your SD card and the 3DS transfer tool will require both both consoles to be in your possession and both need to be fully updated and configured for internet access to follow this process. Both consoles also need to be from the same region for example Europe for this to be possible and you may need to re-download your titles from the eShop once more once complete.

If you have purchased a second console for example because you wanted to take advantage of one of the new range of colours we now offer but traded-in your original console we strongly recommend getting in touch with the retailer/buyer to see if they still have possession of your original console to carry out this process.

Please note that if the console has been sent to our repair centre and no longer has the downloaded titles stored on the console then you should re-visit the eShop and they should be available to re-download free of charge.

If this is not the case or you have any further queries please call us on the number below.

Kind regards,

The Nintendo Team

So enjoy competing on Zen Pinball. I don't think I will be taking part. In fact I'm in two minds whether to replace the console at all.


27-01-12, 02:02
I am sorry Mike, that really sucks. Not good customer service if you ask me.

28-01-12, 03:52
That sucks. I gotta question my support for a company that won't do anything for a stolen unit. Every other company has DLC tied to the account, not the console. That makes no sense whatsoever.

28-01-12, 11:38
I've been contacted by a Nintendo employee who has heard of my plight and believes it is possible but a lot of hassle but he will see if he can get it done for me.

I have had to supply my crime reference number and possibly the police crime report as well but we'll see what happens.

The stock answer from Nintendo though is no, it is not possible which does suck.

28-01-12, 06:47
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.