View Full Version : Were in the new Game Informer!

21-08-11, 11:40
Well, literally, but not mentioned by name....

Page 29, You can see our poster in the booth, and if you look on the couch you can see me relaxing and shooting the breeze with Keith Robinson.

It would have been nice to get a plug but if nothing else, I have noticed media seems to avoid other media.

22-08-11, 02:08
Congrats, that’s pretty cool. It’s rather funny the way media doesn’t talk about other media. It’s like if you don’t talk about it they don’t exist.

22-08-11, 02:40
They are scared someone will do better even if the forms of info and entertainment are completely different.

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22-08-11, 02:49
Cool, congrats.

It is Game Informer, so if they had reviewed RGR they would have given you:

score = (Rand(10) + GetDayOfWeek())%10 + 0.25*rand(4);

a score of 6.5!!! Wait, it is Monday, right...